PHOTOS: New Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Puzzle Released Featuring Stitch as the Hatbox Ghost

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We’re gearing up for the 50th Anniversary of the Haunted Mansion on August 9th at Disneyland, but in the meantime, we’re excited to see all the special merchandise coming out for this beloved attraction. What better way to celebrate our favorite Grim Grinning Ghost than with another one of our favorite characters? That’s right, this brand new signature puzzle features Stitch and Scrump as the Hat Box Ghost from Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion.

Haunted Mansion 50th Puzzle Released Featuring Stitch as the Hat Box Ghost

The puzzle is sadly not 999 pieces like the happy haunts that currently reside in the Haunted Mansion, but as our ghost host reminds us, there’s room for a thousand, which is how many pieces make up this puzzle.

Haunted Mansion 50th Puzzle Released Featuring Stitch as the Hat Box Ghost

This Disney Parks Signature Puzzle was released specifically to honor the 50th anniversary and is part of the Disney Gallery Attraction Series. We found it in Animal Kingdom at the Riverside Depot, but we’re sure we’ll be spotting it around both Walt Disney World and Disneyland very soon. Though you can make sure this mischievous ghost follows you home for the price of $21.99.

Haunted Mansion 50th Puzzle Released Featuring Stitch as the Hat Box Ghost

The back of the box gives a bit more insight on the artist as well.

Darren Wilson creates works of art for the Disney galleries at the Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort and the Disney Cruise Line. Darren is a celebrated Disney Artist and has developed his own unique style of capturing the essence of his subject matter through his artistic vision.

We couldn’t have agreed more with this when we look at Experiment 626 and Scrump re-imagined here in this painting.

We love that more attractions are being celebrated during their anniversaries in puzzle form, just like when we spotted in May another Signature Puzzle featuring the Submarine Voyage, Monorail and Matterhorn Bobsled’s 60th anniversary in Disneyland.

Will you be bringing this ghost home to help celebrate such a beloved attraction?

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  1. Sadly this puzzle has been around for awhile now. Disney only put the 50th sticker on the box. Re-merchandising something that we have had for awhile. They are also doing this with the doombuggy and the ornaments. Sad that Disney didn’t make some entirely new items. Afterall, it is the Haunted Mansion and that has a huge following.

  2. Wow… 50 years of history and one of Disney’s most iconic, original attractions and they choose to honor it with Stitch and Scrump???
    What do they have to do with the Haunted Mansion??? Disney should have at least gone with Star Wars characters if they’re gonna go down that road to at least help fill that part of the park.

  3. Bring back the original board game, with moving “geared” disks that change the game paths!! The 1970’s version, with the backdrop, singing ghosts sillouttes, & black Raven blocking the exit!! A highly coveted & long sought after collector’s item only seen on EBAY!! Please, Please, Please (Disney), remanufacture this & make it for sale!!

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