PHOTOS: New Temporary Security Screening Area Erected at the Magic Kingdom

Things are changing around the Magic Kingdom. Just earlier this month, we noticed construction had begun on what Disney has dubbed as “Arrival Experience Enhancements” across the park’s bus loop and boat docks.

As the project’s progressed, we’ve noticed a number of other changes, including the removal of Walk Around the World bricks, albeit in sections. Turns out those sections of brick that were removed were actually the bases for a new temporary security checkpoint:

Construction could take a while, so they’ve made sure to at least paint the columns to make it look presentable.

Your precious commemorative brick was destroyed for the sake of a plywood column.

Guests now walk over from the bus loop drop-off and through the new security checkpoint.

It expands right over to where the old information booth is.

However, no tables are set up at the location yet, so bag check is still taking place at the old tent.

To accommodate the expanded security checkpoint, the northernmost bus turnaround was tapered down and paved over to make way for the structure.

You can see that same bus turnaround space is just adjacent to the new security structure.

From this point of view, you can get a better look at the solar panel that will power the new structure’s overhead lighting system.

Following this will be the installment of a new, expanded security checkpoint.

This new temporary security checkpoint is located just south of where the new, future expanded checkpoint is to be erected. Once this temporary security checkpoint is established, work will be able to begin on the new permanent security addition.

You can check out the full scope of the arrival enhancement project on our project overview post.