This Lion King phone case cleverly resembles a VHS case!

PHOTOS: New “The Lion King” VHS Phone Case Spotted at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Just can’t wait to protect your phone? Look no further than this Lion King portfolio-style phone case, just arrived at The Darkroom in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. With this case, you can store your credit cards and annual passes and also prop up your phone for some quality blog reading or YouTube streaming, all while repping your favorite movie in its classic VHS form.

“The Lion King” VHS Portfolio Phone Case – $29.99

The front cover of the phone case features the classic VHS cover design from 1995.

The back even features the same photo collage and blurb as with the original VHS case, too.

A side magnetic tab keeps the case closed while holding your phone and cards.

You can get the case for $29.99, and it should be making its way across the savanna and over to multiple stores on property soon.

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