PHOTOS: Power Outage Causes Blackout at Disney Springs

If you were planning on getting lit at Disney Springs this evening, I’ve got bad news for you.

It appears a power outage, which took place approximately at 9:30 PM, has affected the entire area of Disney Springs’ West Side, Town Center, and The Landing. We’ve only gotten reports from those areas, so it’s still unknown whether the outage has affected The Marketplace, but it is likely, given what an all-encompassing blackout this is.

For now, guests are wandering areas, some partially lit by emergency flood lights, and others pitch-dark, causing potential tripping hazards or worse.

In some areas, fire alarms are going off due to the loss of power. While some stores remain open, many point of sale systems are down, so no purchases can currently be made. Restaurants are also turning away patrons at this time. Those who were dining when the blackout occurred were not charged for their meals.

We’ll keep updating this page as further reports are sent in. At time of publishing, Disney Springs has not commented about the power outage nor given an explanation on how it happened.

In the meantime, it is not recommended that guests head to Disney Springs, unless they have an insatiable thirst for chaos. (Even more so than it usually is at Disney Springs on a Saturday night.) If you’re out there, stay safe!

Big thanks to The Lost Bros for sending in these photos!

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  1. Got kicked out of Trex because even though the rest of springs regained power, trex only had flood lights

  2. It was just an overlay test like they did at Space Mountain last year for Halloween.

  3. I was at the House of Blues for a concert when this happened. Everything flickered for a split second but powered back on as if nothing happened. The show didn’t even stop. I don’t think anyone inside the venue realized what was happening outside!

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