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Pin Central and Fountain of Nations Closing, MouseGear Being Remodeled, Club Cool Eventually Will Return at Epcot

Along with everything else we’ve come to know and love from Epcot’s Future World, it appears that the classic Fountain of Nations will be closing permanently on September 8th, along with Pin Central. The final date of operation for Pin Central will be September 7th.

This is all part of the ongoing overhaul of Epcot and specifically “Project Gamma”, which includes a new entranceway layout with a fountain, greenscapes, and benches, a re-imagining of the center of Future World with a Beer Garden and permanent festival center, and the yet-to-be-announced 2.5 year refurbishment of Spaceship Earth. It is expected to be completed in 2022 in time for Epcot’s 40th anniversary.

MouseGear is set to close for an extensive remodeling before the end of the year. It will be moving to a temporary home over the winter during the refurbishment of the retail location. You still have a few months to take in its glorious late-90s interior, but unlike the rest, an official closing date for the refurbishment has yet to be announced.

Thankfully, Club Cool is set to return, eventually, incorporated into a new space in the near future. As a reminder, its current location is set to close on September 8th, with its final day of operation on September 7th.


Featured Image: (C) Matthew Cooper Photography

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  1. Thank you for letting us know that Club Cool will return in the near future. My wife and I just love that place!

    1. They are closing the store so they can bring it back for the Journey Into Imagination refurbishment.

      1. I played a practical joke on my mom once when her stomach was upset and we went into Club Cool to see if they had some ginger ale for sale (they didn’t). I instead gave her a sample cup of Beverly. She took one sip of it and was so disgusted! I was laughing hysterically though!

  2. Where will pin traders be going?? Will there no longer be pin traders who gather to trade in that area? Bummer! We get kicked out of the Downtown Disney trading tables and now here too!!

  3. It’s great news that Cool will survive: every once in a while, even at EPCOT, you need a nonalcoholic drink.

  4. I have a feeling that when Club Cool returns it will not be offering free “serve yourself” samples. Based on the Coca-Cola store in Disney Springs I’ll bet Club Cool is reimagined as a smaller version of the Coca-Cola Store’s rooftop beverage bar where you will purchase the sodas, or flights of sodas and specialty soda drinks. And of course they’ll sell Coke related products.

  5. Fountain of nations should not be touched. Epcot certainly does not need a beer garden.

    1. Epcot doesn’t need a beer garden but the Disney shareholders do.

      World Showcase, once a place providing guests a “glimpse” of life and culture beyond our shores, is in danger of becoming nothing more than an over themed food court.

      Beer and alcohol flowing throughout and accessible more frequently than restrooms and trash cans has come at a price.

      Drunk and disorderly guest have tarnished what should have been a magical experience for others.

      As far as the Fountain of Nations goes it’s removal is the symbolic gesture that EPCOT Center is dead and gone and not coming back.

      How disappointing it has been to watch the steady decline and dumbing down of what was once a place of entertainment, education and inspiration.

      The transformation from EPCOT to Epcot symbolizes the failure of a $100+ BILLION dollar company to realize one man’s vision.

      Disney’s systematic transformation from edutainment attractions to amusement park rides has darkened the bright future once portrayed at EPCOT for this planet and its passengers.

      Should we be worried?

      Is this transformation a result of some back room bean counters looking to make a quick buck or is Epcot in its current form a reflection of the population at-large.

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