Lion King Eclai

REVIEW: New “The Lion King” Eclair and Cookie Sandwich Debut at the Mara in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

If you’re looking for the perfect snack to celebrate the new Lion King movie, then you may want to make a stop at Animal Kingdom Lodge. The Mara, located at Jambo House, has an amazing variety of sweet treats in their bakery case. Just in time for the new film, two new treats have debuted, themed to The Lion King! Can you feel the love (for snacks) tonight?

The Lion King Eclair – $4.79

This eclair is definitely the king of the snack case. The brightly colored dessert stands out in the case, with the beautiful orange, yellow, and red sunset image. The silhouettes of Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon strut proudly across the top of the eclair.

Lion King Eclai

Under the white chocolate piece, there is a beautiful, thick layer of milk chocolate frosting with tiny white crispy pearls.

Caramel Eclair The Lion King

Inside the golden eclair shell, you’ll find a creamy, caramel custard filling. The caramel flavor is sweet and bold and took us by surprise. The frosting was similar to a chocolate frosted donut, and went well with the pastry. This was quickly and easily consumed, and left us with no worries. It’s a little expensive at $4.79 for the size, so keep that in mind.

chocolate frosted caramel Lion King eclai

Caramel Eclair cut in half

The Simba Cookie Sandwich – $3.99

Cookie sandwiches never get the respect they deserve. The Simba Cookie Sandwich is decorative, and has the taste to back it up. Two giant cashew cookies are filled with a thick layer of frosting and held together by a base of white chocolate. A decorative white chocolate Simba sits in the center and a wild chocolate frosting mane tops the whole thing.

Simba Cashew Cookie Sandwich

You get a nice sized snack for $3.99.

Lion King Cashew Cookie Sandwich

The buttercream filling is really dense and sugary. We’re talking extremely sweet. The kind of taste that takes you by surprise. It definitely needs the cookie taste to cut the sweetness. This will give you a sugar rush, for sure.

Chocolate frosting mane on cashew cookie

The white chocolate coating on the bottom gave it just a nice little extra taste. The mane had a rich chocolate taste, but it was very different than the chocolate on the eclair. One Cast Member said it was hazelnut, another said chocolate. This one is pretty sweet, so you may want to share. You’ve been warned.

Simba Cashew Cookie Sandwich

While these aren’t very slimy, they are definitely satisfying. Even if these are just more decorative versions of the Kudu Cookie and Giraffe Eclair, we still appreciate the cuteness! If you still haven’t had your fill of adorable Lion King treats, make sure you check out the petit cake from Disney Springs. Will you be heading to the Mara to try these?


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