VIDEO: Oasis Canteen Bar Construction Mishap Leads to Watery Explosion at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Are you feeling parched and thirsty? Does the thought of running through open water in the Florida heat sound appealing to you? Do you just really, really miss Catastrophe Canyon? Well, today marked the opening of Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ 7th “attraction”: the Oasis Canteen Water Explosion Experience.

A video from Twitter user @jeffydollar shows water spewing out and above the construction walls and onto guest areas near the site after a main line was hit during construction. Cast Members stand nervously by the attraction trying to shoo curious guests away. (Passholder previews aren’t until tomorrow, anyway.)

The entire area around Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular has been under construction for the arrival of the new Oasis Canteen beverage kiosk. (The original Oasis Canteen was recently renamed Epic Eats ahead of the change.) The new and improved Oasis Canteen is expected to open later this summer, but given these setbacks, plans might be somewhat delayed now.

Once open, Oasis Canteen will serve a variety of draft beer and specialty cocktails for guests of Hollywood Studios to enjoy, but for now, all it’s serving is a slew of amazing memes, like this video by Twitter user @theserge with the “World of Color” soundtrack playing in the background. To be honest, that isn’t such a bad idea.

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