CONCEPT ART: First-Look Inside the Pre-Show & Ride Scenes for the Spider-Man Attraction Coming to Disney California Adventure

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CONCEPT ART: First-Look Inside the Pre-Show & Ride Scenes for the Spider-Man Attraction Coming to Disney California Adventure

This just in: the organization known as Hydra is continuing to leak the super-secret plans for the Marvel-themed land at Disney California Adventure! First it was the Spider-Man ride vehicles, then the W.E.B. Suppliers Spider-Man shop. We’ve even seen the plans for the Ant-Man Microbrewery and the entire layout of the Avengers’ west coast campus. Now it’s time to take a look inside of W.E.B. facility that houses the Spider-Man web-slinging attraction:

Spidey Ride 8

The queue will be a tour through the W.E.B. facility, with lots of displays to look at. To the left, we see a display all about the “Slinger”, the “Superpowered Autonomous” vehicle we will be riding in for this attraction.

Spidey Ride 10 scaled

Above we see a pre-show room, the home of some eccentric engineers or scientists apparently. Notice the crane game machine on the left, as well as a few Spider-Bots hanging around.

Spidey Ride 1

Of course, we have already showed you the above art of the loading area with the Slinger vehicles awaiting guests. Now we board the ride and take a look at some of the ride scenes…

Spidey Ride 5

A ship or plane of some sort is crashed through the wall in this scene. We also can see Spider-Bots caught up in some webbing.

Spidey Ride 2

A turn down the hallway reveals more Spider-Bots and more industrial setting.

Spidey Ride 7

The art we’re showcasing doesn’t really show much in the way of moving props (we’re getting Ant-Man and the Wasp Nano Battle vibes, which is not a good thing), but this may have something to do with the 3-D augmented reality technology rumored to be applied to the ride vehicles themselves. Sparking from various places does indicate that something has gone wrong and that some villain may have infiltrated the W.E.B. facility.

Spidey Ride 9

What kind of trouble will we get into in the Paint Bay?

Screen Shot 2019 08 11 at 9.06.51 AM

Well, all the paint on the floor seems indicate at least a little bit of trouble. Notice the multiple Marvel references in this scene to Pym Technologies, SHIELD, Stark Industries, Black Panther, and more.

Spidey Ride 6

A darker area of the ride features a reference to Pym Technologies.

Spidey Ride 4

Guests will exit past an Avengers logo on the wall.

Hopefully we’ll be learning a lot more about this ride at the D23 Expo in just a few days time. Are you excited for this Spider-Man attraction based on the concept art above?


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  1. Wow….I know it is just concept art, but I feel a bit disappointed. Granted I am not sure what I was expecting, but…

    • Well this looks like just the show sets. There will obviously be animatronics and special effects to enjoy as well. I’m sure any ride’s bare scenery would seem boring.

  2. Yikes, that is incredibly generic. Other than a couple of express Marvel references, it feels nothing like the Marvel world at all. Early indications is that this is going to be a disaster.

  3. I can’t really give a thumbs up with only the concept art, I definitely need to see how everything is implemented (omnimover rides have come a long way – on a track and trackless – but I am so over screen projected 3D and prefer state-of-the-art audio animatronics!)

  4. Those scenes look like the ones between the scenes were the action is going on (aka the boring parts of the ride). Otherwise I don’t see the point.

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