Disney Vacation Club Waiving Cancellation Penalty for Guests Ahead of Hurricane Dorian

According to DVC News, some Disney Vacation Club members are reporting that Disney is instituting DVC’s Hurricane Policy. This policy waives cancellation penalties if a hurricane warning is issued by the National Hurricane Center within 7 days of a guest’s visit to the impacted area.

At this time, there has been no hurricane warning, meaning that the policy is not required to be in effect. However, some guests are reporting that Disney Vacation Club is being lenient with their policy in anticipation of a hurricane warning. You can read the latest update on Hurricane Dorian here.

Here is the policy in full:

From June 1 to November 30, in the event a hurricane warning is issued by the National Hurricane Center for the Orlando area, Vero Beach area, Hilton Head Island, Oʻahu or for the Member’s place of residence within 7 days before the scheduled arrival date, the Member may call Member Services at (800) 800-9800 or (407) 566-3800 prior to Check-In to cancel or reschedule, based upon availability, their Disney Vacation Club Resort reservation without any cancellation or modification penalty.

Just call Member Services at (800) 800-9800 or (407) 566-3800 as indicated above. If you were planning on staying at a Member Getaways destination and a hurricane warning is issued for that destination, please also contact Member Services.


  • We cannot guarantee availability of similar accommodations for the new travel dates.
  • The policy does not apply to certain special events and dining experiences (e.g., the Member Cruise)
  • This policy pertains to hurricane warnings only. Other weather advisory levels are handled on a case-by-case basis and Members should contact Member Services.

If Hurricane Dorian may be impacting your trip, you should call member services at (800) 800-9800 or (407) 566-3800 to discuss your options.

We will keep you posted as Hurricane Dorian develops and draws nearer to the Florida coast.

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1 year ago

What does “no cancellation or modification penalty” mean, specifically? I assume the expiration at the end of the use year is not waived, so those who have booked near the end of the use year are still essentially up a tree without a paddle.