New Unlimited Access Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween “Party Pass” Announced for the Magic Kingdom

Some of you may have noticed how this year’s inaugural Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party has yet to officially sell out as many park guests and passholders are opting out of the party this year due to rising costs.

In order to remedy that, Disney has released a “Party Pass” ticket for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, offering guests unlimited access to the party on every night, except on Halloween.

The Party Pass costs $299 (plus tax) for guests ages 10 and up, and $284 (plus tax) for guests ages 3-9.

Annual Passholder discounts are not available on the tickets, but if you already have a party ticket purchased, you can call in and upgrade it to the pass for the cost difference.

Tickets should be available at Guest Service locations as well as Walt Disney World ticket windows. You can also call the Special Events ticket line at (407) 827-7185 or (407) 939-4295. The tickets are not available online yet, nor are they being formally advertised on the site or online, but they are available now.

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  1. I think it has a lot to do with timing. It is just too darn early to start Halloween celebrations, in my opinion. I hope the people that go this early enjoy themselves. It is a great event to experience. Kids JUST started going back to school here in the area. Is this the earliest this event has started or am I just crazy?

  2. Don’t like that, but good for locals I guess. Hopefully, they limit the amount sold otherwise, it’s a gamble on how many people will be at your party on any given night because you don’t know how many regular tickets and unlimited tickets there are.

    1. I read it was limited to 24k and it’s already sold out. So potential 24k ppl could show up to a Halloween party in addition to what’s being sold.

  3. This is an old article. Note the dates at the end…2010. Pass prices are a lot more now, multi-day passes now expire. Many changes from when this was wtitten

  4. My family decided to do the party last year after being reassures by a cast member months prior that they cap ticket sales. Well they did not..waited in candy lines for 20-30 mins..every que was over 90 mins..the park was so filled with people that you couldn’t raise either arm without hitting a stranger. Disney made up for it after an email was sent but the fact remains that they do not care if it gets over crowded. Now with this pass I can imagine it is going to be several times worse as there is no way to cap the people who have passes coming into the parks. Which basically means that the millions of non Florida guests will be left in the dark yet again. As a result we just planned our yearly trip during a time with no hard ticketed events.

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