REVIEW: Celebrate Pride with a Rainbow Cereal Cupcake from the Contempo Cafe at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

If you’re going to be celebrating Gay Days 2019 here at Walt Disney World, then we have a delicious treat for you! Several locations around Walt Disney World are offering rainbow-colored snacks, and the Contemporary Resort is no exception. We stopped into the Contempo Cafe to check out the cupcake situation and found the cutest Rainbow Cereal Cupcake in the case! We’re big fans of Contempo Cafe cupcakes, so we couldn’t wait to dig in.

The Rainbow Cereal Cupcake is a confetti cupcake with a lemon filling, sweet buttercream icing, and topped by frosted Froot Loops. A white chocolate piece with rainbow Mickey heads adds a nice touch to the decoration.

These seem to be very popular. When we arrived, they were refilling the case with another tray of cupcakes.

The lemon filling looked more like custard, and had a very bright, interesting color. It was surprisingly good, with just the right amount of tartness.

The confetti cake cake was fresh and delicious, topped with decadent buttercream. There was really no “wow” factor, but the cake is delicious. The buttercream frosting here is always on point.

The Froot Loops were a little chewy, seeing as they were coated in icing to form the clusters on top of the frosting. The Froot Loops have their usual nice fruity taste, but we almost wish there had been more inside.

Overall, this is a solid cupcake that we would definitely recommend (especially, and only, if you like lemon filling). As with most most of the special pride offerings, this cupcake will only be available over the weekend while they last. This cupcake is $5.99 and will definitely sweeten up your day. Let us know in the comments if you plan to head to the Contemporary to give this one a try!