PHOTO REPORT: Disney Springs 8/18/19 (Cookie Dough Food Truck, Forky Plush, New Treats, and More!)

Welcome to another beautiful day here at Disney Springs! We needed a sugar rush to start the day, so we made our way over to the food trucks on the West Side. A new truck offering super sweet desserts can be found next to the Spring Street Tacos and Mac ‘n Cheese trucks.

The new Cookie Dough and Everything Sweet food truck has arrived! Everything sounds incredible on the menu.

We decided we needed to try them all. Be sure to check out all the details on these beauties here. Spoiler alert: they’re cute and delicious.


After all that sugar, we decided to head to World of Disney to play around. Forky is back! A new, safer version is available for $19.99. Unfortunately, this just isn’t as cute as the googly-eyed original.

Love the gift cards available in Once Upon A Toy.

Lots of new Love Comes in Every Color Pride merchandise at World of Disney.

Pride treats can be found at the Ganachery through the weekend.

Sprinkles has a Fluffer Nutter cupcake through August 25. A banana cake filled with peanut butter and topped with marshmallow? Sounds like my kinda snack if I wasn’t so full of cookie dough. Maybe next time.

The Dark Malt Shake is available at Vivoli il Gelato. So many cute desserts!

There’s even a brownie waffle sundae that looks chocolatey and delicious.

We love seeing all the Halloween merchandise. If Disney can decorate in August, so can I.

Commemorative Disney Dollars are available at the Art of Disney. If only they were selling them for $5.

The Toy Story Drop photo op and game demo area is gone and the kiosk is empty for now.

A moment to appreciate some cute Haunted Mansion art. Sadly, the SHAG merch was all sold out on our visit today.

Star Wars merchandise has taken over the Mickey 90th section of World of Disney. We know what can’t be far, far away…

Candy Cauldron has prepackaged basketball crisped rice treats available.

Over at the NBA Store, the Mickey Funko Pops are still available. You can find them stacked behind the registers.

What a time to be alive. These basketballs spin on your finger. You don’t even have to have skills or talent, just $16.99. These will bring you great amusement for about 30 seconds. This is more like a fidget spinner than a basketball, but maybe people will enjoy the novelty.

Construction is progressing on the other side of the building where City Works Eatery and Pour House will open. We can see into the building for now.

That’s about it for today! Be sure to stayed tuned for our next photo report and more updates from around the parks!



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