PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 8/27/19 (More Work in Future World, Food and Wine Preparations, and a Characterpalooza!)


PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 8/27/19 (More Work in Future World, Food and Wine Preparations, and a Characterpalooza!)

Let’s take a lap around Epcot, shall we? It’s only a couple of miles…

Epcot8 21 19 56

Future World

Epcot8 21 19 1

These mysterious construction walls are up just behind Spaceship Earth.

Epcot8 21 19 2

It’s probably just concrete or utility work. We’ll see what happens.

Epcot8 21 19 54

When one is at Epcot, one must go to Club Cool. This is a steadfast rule I’ve lived by for many, many years.

Epcot8 21 19 55

Enjoy it while it’s still here, we’re not sure how long until the replacement shows up.

Epcot8 21 19 9

With this entire building being decommissioned soon, I’m curious if they’re going to bother fixing things when they break. This automatic door was out of order today.

Epcot8 21 19 10

Epcot8 21 19 11

Will it stay like that until Innoventions West closes? We’ll see!

Epcot8 21 19 5

I found this in Mouse Gear. Apparently they’re worried about people stealing 20-year-old CD releases.

Epcot8 21 19 20

Epcot8 21 19 17

I’ve noticed that ImageWorks has been having trouble with its “Make Your Own Figment” PCs recently.

Epcot8 21 19 16

I run into one that’s out of order almost every time I’m here. This one has… a disturbing number of shortcuts to the recycle bin.

Epcot8 21 19 13

They drained the pond out front of Imagination! again, presumably for the ongoing pathway work.

Epcot8 21 19 14

Epcot8 21 19 15

Epcot8 21 19 19

The pathway appears to be right on track. I think the majority of it will be open in time for the Food and Wine Festival at the end of the month.

Epcot8 21 19 18

Epcot8 21 19 12

The Flavors from Fire got some decorative flags to go with its hanging lights.

World Showcase

Epcot8 21 19 23

Remember when Epcot had a parade? This is about as close as we’ll get to that again: 30 something Cast Members being trained in Festival procedure.

Epcot8 21 19 25

The Cast Members in Italy were also getting the rundown on their booth today.

Epcot8 21 19 24

More of these Merchandise booths are popping up. This second one near Germany showed up today.

Epcot8 21 19 29

There’s also one in The American Adventure now, adjacent to that pretty new brickwork.

Epcot8 21 19 28

Epcot8 21 19 26

Liberty Inn will be closed for some time as it becomes The Regal Eagle Smokehouse.

Epcot8 21 19 27

The old sign is still up, though. I miss it already!


Epcot8 21 19 53

O’ Canada is closed, and they’re deep into some facade refurbishment at the moment.

Epcot8 21 19 52

Just as I feared, they’re filling in the planters that used to house live trees.

Epcot8 21 19 51

Epcot8 21 19 50

The park needs more trees, not fewer!

Epcot8 21 19 48

Also, this lamp has been missing for months now.

Epcot8 21 19 49

I guess they just assume no one will notice. Well, I noticed.

Epcot8 21 19 41

A little bit of refurbishment is happening at the back of the UK pavilion as well.

Epcot8 21 19 40

Epcot8 21 19 39

They’re doing some minor work to these fence pillars.

Epcot8 21 19 38

Mitsukoshi Department Store

Epcot8 21 19 30

Now for your semi-regular Mitsukoshi Dept Store update. Do you like fat cats?

Epcot8 21 19 31

Well, here you have several to choose from.

Epcot8 21 19 32

Epcot8 21 19 33

Are dogs more your preference?

Epcot8 21 19 34

Epcot8 21 19 35

This is Kuroyanagi San. She loves nap time.

Epcot8 21 19 36

Don’t like cats or dogs? How about eggs?

Epcot8 21 19 37

Set sail on a course for adventure with Captain Gudetama and his Polynesian friend.


Epcot8 21 19 43

One of my favorite surprises to find in Epcot is a “Characterpalooza”, aka training day for characters and attendants. You never know who you’ll meet, but you need to be fast––it ends just as suddenly as it begins.

Epcot8 21 19 46

Epcot8 21 19 47

Epcot8 21 19 42

Epcot8 21 19 45

Epcot8 21 19 44

I hadn’t seen Mr. Penguin (from Mary Poppins) in a very long time.

That’s everything from Epcot for today! Thanks for reading. Stick with us and we’ll keep you in the loop on all things Epcot!


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  1. Club Cool is always an *absolute must-go-to place* for my wife and me. Free pop! What a great way to hydrate, which is essential when you’re hiking all over Epcot. After they shut down Club Cool, the sooner it returns, the better.

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