PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 8/27/19 (Refurbishments Are Wrapping Up, Fun With The Citizens of Hollywood, Galaxy’s Edge Prep, and More!)


PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 8/27/19 (Refurbishments Are Wrapping Up, Fun With The Citizens of Hollywood, Galaxy’s Edge Prep, and More!)

Good morning from Hollywood! Let’s see what’s happening in the land of movie magic.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 1

Outside the Park

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 37

The Disney Skyliner looks about ready to open. It’s scheduled to be up and running by the end of September.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 35

I noticed today that they have neon lighting on the spires of the station, which is a great detail.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 36

It’s hard to see in the daylight, but it will make quite a statement at night.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 34

This little building is finally out from behind walls again. This is the only part of the original bus and tram loop to have survived the overhaul of the entrance. They literally rebuilt everything around it.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 33

Hollywood Boulevard

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 2

Speaking of construction, Mickey’s of Hollywood and Keystone Clothiers at the front of the park are still under refurbishment. Mickey’s is scheduled to reopen next month.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 3

Keystone, which has been closed since March, should open any day. I caught a brief glimpse inside, and it looks ready to go. They have items on the shelves already. (Spoiler alert: It’s going to be all Star Wars merchandise.)

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 5

Legends of Hollywood finally reopened this week, after having been transformed into a Pandora jewelry location.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 6

The other half, which used to be Planet Hollywood, now sells dresses and purses and such. Unfortunately, no replacement neon signage was installed where the Planet Hollywood sign used to be.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 4

Still plenty of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster anniversary pins to be found, but no Tower of Terror pins? They must have gone quickly.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 30

I did find a handful left in the exit shop from Tower of Terror. They’re behind the counter, but who knows for how long.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 8

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular turned 30 this week! It’s the oldest attraction in the park, and it’s essentially unchanged from its opening day. It’s a true piece of park history.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 9

The (new) Oasis Canteen next door looks almost ready to open. No word as to when it will, though.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 12

The mystery project (restrooms) across from Star Tours also look almost finished. Will it be finished by Thursday, for Galaxy’s Edge? No, probably not.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 10

Some of the construction barriers have been reduced, though. You can almost go right up to this wall now.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 11

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 13

The barriers near the Sci-Fi Dine-In have also shrunk a bit. The landscaping here must also be nearing completion.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 14

Star Wars

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 15

With just a few days left until opening, the bushes have been pushed back to the tunnel entrance on Grand Avenue. This will be the entrance for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 16

The merchandise stand that had been in this location went missing when the cast previews for Galaxy’s Edge started. It hasn’t returned yet, obviously.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 32

Even the times guide doesn’t want you to forget what’s happening on Thursday.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 25

I’m curious to see how much of the Galaxy’s Edge model stays on display in Walt Disney Presents after opening, and for how long.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 24

This model has been here longer than most of the college program cast members.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 23

This is a part of Rise of the Resistance, the second attraction opening in Galaxy’s Edge here in December.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 22

Calm Before the Storm

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 20

The crowds really weren’t bad today. I use Toy Story Land as the barometer for how busy it is.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 18

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 17

Slinky was only a 55 minute wait at about 10 AM.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 19

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 21

This stall is 90% Slinky Dog merchandise.

Citizens of Hollywood

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 7

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The Citizens of Hollywood make this park.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 26

Today, Beau Wrangler and Evie Starlight were rehearsing “Romeo and Juliet” as directed by Oscar Meyer-Weiner.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 27

Needless to say, they weren’t cooperating very well.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 28

They didn’t seemed fazed by Oscar’s outbursts, though.

HollywoodStudios8 26 19 29

I even got their autographs!


That’s it from Hollywood Studios for today. I’ll probably see ya’ll in the chaos on Thursday. If I can make it in and out of the park alive, that is.


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  1. Why is the Indy show still a thing, it wasn’t allowed to be the oldest attraction in the park, The Great Movie Ride deserved that title, but no they lost the license to the classic movies NOT from Disney and its sponsor Turner Classic Movies. It’s NOT a true piece of park history. Fuck that show, it’s garbage and a piece of shit

    I hope this park will phase out 50% of the SW stuff by the start of the new year. or else we riot, because the Avengers aren’t coming to WDW.

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