PHOTOS: International Gateway and Skyliner Station Construction Update 8/25/19 (New Security Area Foundation, Skyliner Archway) at Epcot

Construction has been underway at Epcot’s International Gateway for some time now, as part of a larger project across property to improve all the park entrances. Along with the Epcot Disney Skyliner station right next door, this area feels like it’s been behind walls forever. Luckily, it looks like they’re making good progress since our last update.

The old ticket booths and entrance awnings were removed back at the beginning of the summer. Since then, this area has been behind walls, but it didn’t look like too much progress was happening.

You can see that some new concrete has been put down in the area.

If one is tall enough to look over the bushes, one can see that in fact a lot of concrete has been laid.

Also installed are some concrete foundations, probably for new awnings of some sort. We’re expecting new security checkpoints and turnstiles between here and the park.

The Disney Skyliner is not inside of the security envelope, so the new security will need to be on this side of the exit from the station.

At the moment, a narrow pathway is all guests are able to walk in between the two construction sites.

The Skyliner looks almost finished, as it has looked almost finished for some time now.

The final preparations are being made for the Skyliner’s Grand Opening late next month.

What appears to be a new archway, possibly for the entrance to the Skyliner, was also recently installed.

Once these projects are complete, guests should have a much easier time getting into Epcot from both the Boardwalk and Beach and Yacht Club Resorts, but also from the resorts serviced by the new Skyliner system. I have a feeling the Disney Skyliner station will open before the International Gateway redesign is finished, but we’ll keep you up to date on all the projects as they continue!


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1 year ago

When is the projected completion date for all of this? Looks lie a huge mess to me.

Henry Taylor
Henry Taylor
1 year ago
Reply to  stadalerts

There’s no official date for the International Gateway project itself, but the Skyliner should be up and running by the end of September.

1 year ago
Reply to  Henry Taylor