PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 8/25/19 (Construction Walls Go Up, Food and Wine Walls Come Down, ETC.)


PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 8/25/19 (Construction Walls Go Up, Food and Wine Walls Come Down, ETC.)

Walls go up, walls come down. Such is the new circle of life for Epcot. With a whole host of changes on the horizon for the park, it’s something we’re going to have to get used to. Let’s see what’s happening today.

epcot8 23 19 47

epcot8 23 19 48

They’re doing some concrete work right behind Spaceship Earth. Probably just minor utility work at the moment.

epcot8 23 19 1

There are some mystery walls up near Guest Relations.

epcot8 23 19 2

I’m not sure of their purpose. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they ultimately remove the blue concrete nook over here.

epcot8 23 19 3

It’s been nothing but an extended queue since they decommissioned the old WorldKey Information kiosks years ago.

Food and Wine Booths

epcot8 23 19 9

Walls are down around the Flavors from Fire booth for the 2019 Food and Wine Festival.

epcot8 23 19 10

The booth is all about grilled foods, has an ESPN theme this year, and it was built by Home Depot. Doesn’t get any manlier than that.

epcot8 23 19 12

epcot8 23 19 11

epcot8 23 19 6

They’re pushing as hard as they can to finish these expanded pathways ahead of Food and Wine.

epcot8 23 19 7

Considering there are a half dozen booths along these paths, they better hurry.

epcot8 23 19 8

epcot8 23 19 4

This building at the end of the Rose Walk pathway, almost to World Showcase absolutely won’t be done in a week. They’ve made great progress so far, though.

epcot8 23 19 5

I’d imagine the path will be finished, even if the building isn’t.

epcot8 23 19 14

epcot8 23 19 15

Final prep in the Canada booth.

epcot8 23 19 17

I confirmed with a Cast Member today that once the Appleseed Orchard opens (in the old O’ Canada theater), the only entrance will be the old theater exit.

epcot8 23 19 16

The area around back where the waterfall normally is will continue to be closed through the festival.

epcot8 23 19 23

Belgium has its registers ready to go.

epcot8 23 19 22

A cute thing I’ve noticed: if you’re the last one to meet Belle in France, and she’s got a few extra minutes, she might just give you a tour of “the village”.

epcot8 23 19 21

She spent several minutes with this guest just chit-chatting. It was very sweet!

epcot8 23 19 24

More new $1 pressed pennies, this time in Japan.

epcot8 23 19 25

epcot8 23 19 26

The line-up for the Eat to the Beat concert series is posted in the park, now.

epcot8 23 19 27

epcot8 23 19 28

epcot8 23 19 29

They’re still setting up the stage for the new shows.


epcot8 23 19 30

With the announcement of the new Brazil pavilion almost imminent, I thought I’d point out where it’s supposed to go. Right here, in between Italy and Germany.

epcot8 23 19 31

epcot8 23 19 32

I know what you’re thinking, “But the train set!”, and I’m right there with you.

epcot8 23 19 33

We’ll most likely have to say “Auf Wiedersehen” to this tiny German village.

epcot8 23 19 34

epcot8 23 19 35

epcot8 23 19 36

No trains at all today! I hope they haven’t decommissioned them already.

epcot8 23 19 39

Luckily, even if the trains ultimately go away, they sell model trains in Der Teddybar!

epcot8 23 19 38

epcot8 23 19 37

Make your own backyard train set.

Et Cetera

epcot8 23 19 18

The new Frozen pin trading starter set has hit the shops in the park.

epcot8 23 19 19

epcot8 23 19 20

The new pin releases, I’ve noticed, are no longer wrapped in plastic.

epcot8 23 19 42

Here’s the previous version for comparison.

epcot8 23 19 43

In addition to the new starter lanyard, they have a few new open edition pins for sale as well.

epcot8 23 19 44
Olaf and Sven ($9.99)
epcot8 23 19 45
Portrait Pin ($12.99)
epcot8 23 19 46
Two Pin Set ($14.99)

That’s it for Epcot today! Keep reading, we’ll be covering all of the new announcements for Epcot at the D23 convention!

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  1. You should find that guy from the Germany photo and give/sell him the cute pic you took of him swinging his Elsa kid around. I’ll miss the train village. Thanks for taking some pics of that.

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