REVIEW: New Tuggs’ Morning Oats (and Return of the Spork) from Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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BRIGHT SUNS FROM BATUU. No, actually, the sun isn’t even out yet. That’s because travelers were let in unprecedentedly early this morning, before even 5:00 AM. And well, when you’re battling crowds that early, you tend to work up an appetite.

New in at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo are Tuggs’ Morning Oats! During previews, we’d seen the same $7 Rising Moons Overnight Oats on the menu, but it seems Chef Cookie Tuggs has switched things up a bit since… after all, he’s feeling inspired with the return of his beloved space sporks:

Let’s dive right into the breakfast menu.

“Open” today means 4:45 AM.

The new Tuggs’ Morning Oats sees the addition of a tiny mango smoothie for about $4 more. Everything else, including the Mustafarian Lava Roll, has remained the same.

Tuggs’ Morning Oats – $10.99

Tuggs is a healthy guy.

In this version of the overnight oats, you have blueberry yogurt mixed in with the oats, as opposed to what we believe was vanilla over at Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge.

Instead of being piled on top of the overnight oats, the fruit here comes on the side, but we figure it’s about the same amount of fruit. However, we did find the fruit to be fresher over at “Batuu West”. (You can see how slimy the dragonfruit is here.) Also, hidden among the berries and exotic fruits are just plain, cheap melon chunks, which aren’t that good.

The mango smoothie is small, but a nice touch.

Our grudges about melon aside, this is still a great, refreshing, and shockingly healthy (if you look past the fruit sugars) breakfast. The fact that they rounded it out with a mango smoothie makes this a full on meal as opposed to just a snack. And of course, we couldn’t be more excited for the return of the elusive space sporks.

If you’re at home, welcome to Batuu! And if you’re out there battling the crowds… may the Spires keep you!

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I couldn’t be *less* excited about the return of the spork. They are completely impractical for a left-handed person. I encourage any right-handed people to attempt to use these sporks with your left hand – not only will you get the idea of how impractical the offset tynes are, but you will also see how uncomfortable it is to attempt to eat with your non-dominant hand.

I was hoping they disappeared from Disneyland in part due to guest complaints, but I guess it was purely all about the theft.