Park-Wide Power Outage Leads to Shutdown of All Rides at Disneyland Paris

This morning, a power outage hit Disneyland Paris. The result? The complete shutdown of all the rides.

That’s right, Peter Pan stopped flying, the Buzz Lightyear Lasers stopped blasting, and Crush stopped coasting. Sadly, it’s not really what you want on a Friday!

As reported on by ED92, all the rides and attractions across the parks were inoperable. Naturally, crowds of disgruntled guests ensued, with many turning back to Lake Disney and the nearby hotel for escape. “D Assistance” cast members were stationed to offer help and reassurance in the park, alongside characters who were out meeting & greeting to lighten spirits.

The situation was resolved after two and a half hours, plenty of hassle, and presumably lots of getting lost in Alice’s Curious Labyrinth, which needs only the sun to remain open.

Were you in Disneyland Paris today and affected by this outage? Let us know!

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  1. We were there. Phantom Manor was running but all other rides were closed. It was like that when we arrived about 10:30. But there was no information beyond the wait time boards and the ropes across all the ride entrances. There were cast members at each ride but they only knew that rides were closed. They did not know why or when anything would reopen. Most shops, restaurants, and food vendors were open. Crowds were awful, many people wandering around with nothing to do. They never closed the park entrance and they continued to let people in with no warning of the issue. The line at guest relations was crazy long. We waited an hour to be told we could take tickets for another day or use the website to request a refund. They could not process refunds there. This was a terrible day for Disney Paris, bit they did bring in extra staff for security and guest relations.

  2. Isn’t this the second power incident at that park in the last year or so? Makes me wonder what’s going on there.

  3. We were there over the weekend and the power went out at different times during the day. We got stuck in the Start ours shop as everything went dark but we’re helped out by Disney staff with their glow torches and we’re great.

    1. Star Tour shop not Start ours..
      Were not we’re
      They did get it all up and running pretty quickly I guess the weather didn’t help.

  4. I was at Disneyland Paris on this day which was my birthday. After driving for 8 hours from our home in South East London to spend my birthday here, we were greeted with an hours queue to get into the car park, an hours queue to get through the bag check with no organisation for queuing, just a crowd getting aggravated with one another.
    Spent two hours walking around trying to find something to do that wasn’t heavily crowded. Spent 40 minutes queuing up to get a bottle of water and a sad hot dog.
    As the rides hadn’t opened by this time we finally left.
    All the money spent on our travel, tickets and fast passes that we couldn’t use. We were knackered, disappointed and still to this day after chasing, have had no response back from Disney land.
    Huge waste of time and money and has left a bitter taste.

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