Epcot’s JAMMitors and Matsuriza Reduced to Five Days A Week Starting 9/29

Walt Disney World is currently experiencing mass entertainment cuts, from the loss of Mariachi Cobre Presents… The Story of Coco, to the beloved Muppet’s Great Moments in History at the Magic Kingdom.

Today, we received more sad news, in that two of Epcot’s beloved and long-running entertainment groups, JAMMitors in Future World Matsuriza in Japan, will have their performances reduced to five days a week starting September 29th. From then, they will no longer perform Tuesdays and Wednesdays, only performing Thursday-Monday every week. What else is next? We can only hope it doesn’t get worse!

Will you miss seeing JAMMitors and Matsuriza every day? Let us know below or on Twitter! And stay tuned to WDWNT for the latest news on the entertainment cuts and other Walt Disney World news!

7 thoughts on “Epcot’s JAMMitors and Matsuriza Reduced to Five Days A Week Starting 9/29”

  1. Yeah fail at planning to spend too much money on so so new rides and take great stuff .. how sad disney rolls over

  2. All these live entertainment cutbacks seem extremely short-sighted to me. I don’t know how much these people are being paid, but at each Park the combined “savings” can’t represent more than pennies per person attending the Park. Given the cost of a daily ticket this means the “savings” represents some small fraction of 1% of costs. However, the impact of all these cutbacks on guest experience is going to far outweigh the cost reductions. As guest experience declines this is going to cause far more people to stop going to Disney than the cost reductions “saved”. If Disney isn’t careful this feedback loop is going to really hurt them long term.

  3. Very sad. Every time we go to Disney we look for the JAMMitors. They are so entertaining and talented. For such a staple at Disney it’s disappointing to have to schedule your visit to the park when they are performing instead of knowing that when you’re there they will be.

  4. Disney continues to cheapen their product, food and entertainment while raising prices. People who didn’t do their homework and get fast passes at least had the street entertainers to enjoy their experience. Much of it is now gone. First time to Disney World 1972 and a passholder for last 15 years. Not like it used to be.

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