PHOTO REPORT: Disney Springs 9/21/19 (Duck Tales Apparel, Chocolate Skulls, Red Poison Apple Glow Cubes, and More!)

We’re back at Disney Springs again for another beautiful day. The weather was perfect for walking around and taking in the sights. We made a stop into DisneyStyle and found a cute collection of new Duck Tales Apparel.

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There is a Scrooge McDuck sweater if you need something for cooler weather ahead. Here in Florida, the Scrooge McDuck tank top might be a better choice. There’s a shirt with Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and even a shirt with Launchpad McQuack.

Disney Springs Photo Report 9 19 19 10

red poison apple glow cube

Right outside of DisneyStyle, you’ll find a drink stand. It’s kind of nondescript, but they randomly have red poison apple glow cubes. We’ve seen the purple at AristoCrepes, but this is the first time we’ve encountered the red one this year.

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We found a new “it’s a small world” Danielle Nicole bag. It’s got “goodby” in different languages all over the front. The style is a lot more simple than other bags we’ve seen and it looks a little more practical.

red with white polka dot mini backpack

Disney Springs Photo Report 9 19 19 12

This cute little Minnie mini Loungefly is available at World of Disney for $40. It’s a tiny backpack that can be worn as a wristlet or on a belt on your waist. The sparkly silver bow looks cute with the red and white polka dots.

chocolate skull

chocolate skull

Over at the Ganachery, we found more Halloween goodies have been put out. Giant chocolate skulls are now available for $28. The miniature chocolate skulls come in 4 packs for $15 and are filled with caramel ganache.

Disney Springs Photo Report 9 19 19 6

Disney Springs Photo Report 9 19 19 7

Disney Springs Photo Report 9 19 19 8

The air conditioning seems to be getting fixed now in Super Hero Headquarters. It was crazy hot in there the other day, and a random air conditioning unit is pretty bad show. These guys are the real heroes.

Disney Springs Photo Report 9 19 19 9

We can’t wait for Ample Hills Creamery to open here at Disney Springs.

Well, that’s all for our visit today. Thanks for joining us, and stay tuned for more updates from WDWNT!