PHOTO REPORT: Tokyo Disneyland 9/17/19 (Bon Voyage, Halloween Decor, Guest Costumes, and More!)

It’s a wonderful (rainy) day here at Tokyo Disney Resort! While I’m not a huge rain person, rainy days bring lower crowds and some unique sights. So, let’s explore Tokyo Disneyland on this rainy afternoon!

Bon Voyage & Outside the Park

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The rain was already starting to slow down on the walk to Tokyo Disneyland. I thought today might be a nice day to duck in to Bon Voyage and do some window shopping!

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Bon Voyage is the only official shop to sell Tokyo Disney Resort merch outside of park gates. It’s a fairly large store, with sections for both parks as well as generic Disney merchandise.

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Items from both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea’s seasonal events are on sale here. If you’re just visiting Tokyo and don’t have time to go to the parks (which you absolutely should make time for), you can pick up some merchandise here at Bon Voyage!

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Even on a rainy day, Minnie is still cheerful and happy! In a rare Tokyo moment, some paint appears to have chipped off this pillar.

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From over the planters, we can see that vertical construction has finally begun on the second half of the new main entrance. The steelwork is in place for some of the new gates.

TDL PR091819 9

Site work is still in progress through the rest of the construction area. I’m excited for this all to be open, mostly because I hate all of the walls and planters.

Inside the Park

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Right inside the entrance, we see planters instead of the wall that has been present since May. A quick peek over the planters shows that the work is almost done on the Mickey floral area, and soon this area should be opened back up to Guests!

IMG 8027

Oh, it’s good to see this out again! I’ve missed seeing Mickey at the entrance.

IMG 3122

This is what the floral looked like back in April, before the new entrance opened. That wall on the right is around where the entrance path ends today. I think the new one is a bit smaller, which disappoints me. The 1983 version provided for a larger area for seasonal overlays.

TDL PR091819 13

With the placement of those walls, there’s another set of walls that appear to be ready to block this area off. Judging by the look of the new area and the new entrance, this will likely become primarily bricks.

TDL PR091819 14

We’re experiencing Halloween here at Tokyo Disneyland! I love the Mickey and Minnie art on the sides of the sign.

TDL PR091819 15

Despite the rain, World Bazaar was fairly empty today. The wonderful Steven Shaw, who I mentioned in a previous photo report, was performing at the center to a crowd. But otherwise, the street was fairly desolate.

TDL PR091819 16

TDL PR091819 17

At the center of the Plaza is a brand-new decoration feature to celebrate Halloween this year! All of the Disney Friends are making spooky poses, and it’s really well-done!

TDL PR091819 18

In front of Cinderella Castle, the stage that played home to Oh! Summer Banzai! has been fully taken down, and the walls have been removed. In this area next month, there will be a new show called Jamboree Mickey for kids to dance around with Mickey and his friends.

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Over in Adventureland, I wanted to pop in to the Adventureland Bazaar to check out the new Halloween gachapon, or capsule toys. On and around the building, we can see lovely Jungle Book-themed art. The Kaa stonework on the ground is particularly nice!

TDL PR091819 20

In the Adventureland Bazaar, we can see these cute stuffed ghosts. For ¥500, you can win any of these four cute items!

TDL PR091819 23

In Westernland, the head of the Wendell statue pointing to the Country Bear Theater (currently playing the much-beloved Vacation Jamboree) has been covered by a pumpkin! There was actually a little stuffed pin badge on sale that matched this statue, but it sold out from popularity!

TDL PR091819 24

TDL PR091819 26

The entire park is covered in pumpkins, ghosts, and other cute Halloween decor. This is just a small sample in Westernland.

TDL PR091819 27

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Last time we checked in, the Haunted Mansion was closed for conversion to Holiday Nightmare. Well, that finished earlier this week! Fun fact: This conversion was actually meant for Walt Disney World, and was sent to Tokyo at the last minute. Sorry, Florida fans!

IMG 8045

IMG 8046 2

In Toontown, we can see ghosts and pumpkins making mischief in all their spooky silliness! I think they fit right in, don’t you?

TDL PR091819 30

TDL PR091819 31

Over in the Fantasyland expansion, we can see marginal progress on Beast’s Castle and the Fantasyland Theater. I think this area will be almost as immersive (if not more) than Galaxy’s Edge, but that waits to be seen next spring!

TDL PR091819 32

In the former Tomorrowland-Fantasyland walkway, we can see that a planter has already been installed, and some of the asphalt has been torn up. I wonder how long this will be closed? I doubt the preview walkthrough of the expansion area will stay open through spring.

TDL PR091819 33

At Tokyo Disney Resort, after rain finishes, we can see Cast Members with giant brooms (or even giant squeegees) getting rid of puddles along pathways. They even get out mini-squeegees and cloths to wipe down benches. There’s so much love and dedication with our Cast Members!


Guests are allowed to wear full costumes in the park for the Halloween season here at Tokyo Disney Resort! And Japanese fans are super dedicated, with plenty making intricate costumes for their favorite characters or in-park shows! Please note that all of these Guests had permission asked to post their pictures online.

TDL PR091819 19

This cute family(?) was dressed as the Pan Galactic Pizza Port chefs. Tom actually wanted to do this as well, but these guys beat him to it. it looks like.

TDL PR091819 29

This couple was dressed as Mickey and Minnie from the Spooky “Boo” Parade this year! These costumes actually match last year’s outfits, not this year’s. But, they’re still just as incredible and deserve praise and attention.

TDL PR091819 34

Here we have The Three Caballeros, plus the Aracuan Bird! They really love the Three Caballeros here at Tokyo Disney Resort! Often the walk-around characters are fairly popular, and Let’s Party Gras is one of the more popular shows here.

TDL PR091819 35

This large group of friends were dressed as all of the Disney Friends in their Usatama on the Run outfits. Cute!!

TDL PR091819 36

And these two are dressed as Teddi Barra and one of the Sun Bonnet Trio bears! I have a soft spot for Country Bear Jamboree (as should most people with a soul), so these costumes make me happy!

And that’s all from Tokyo Disneyland this week! I love Halloween at any park, and Tokyo Disneyland sure seems to take it to the next level!

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