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PHOTO REPORT: Tokyo Disneyland 8/26/19 (Bicycling Pianist, Unique Merch, Scaffolding Down, and More!)

We all love Tokyo Disney Resort, yes? I mean you probably wouldn’t be reading this photo report if you weren’t marginally interested. So, how about we go explore Tokyo Disneyland on this fine summer day together? There’s always something happening at the Kingdom of Dreams and Magic! Let’s go!

Outside the Park

JR Keiyo Line entering Maihama Station (as seen from Tokyo Disneyland entrance walkway)

On my way in to the resort on the JR Keiyo Line, I noticed crews working to put these brand-new cell towers up. I’m pretty grateful, as cell service sometimes gets rough when the crowds are high!

Tokyo Disneyland Bicycle Lot

One of the cool things about the Tokyo Disney Resort is that both parks offer free bicycle parking. If you so desire to bike in from the Tokyo area or live in Urayasu, you can park for free in front of the park rather than paying for parking at the station!

Tokyo Disneyland Entrance Walkway (from bus loop)

Isn’t it just a lovely day? It may be humid but the skies are saying “Take some good pictures!”

Tokyo Disneyland Main Entrance

This morning, they still had the “central” entrance still in use. I love going through this gate!

Inside the Park

I passed through the scaffolding over front of World Bazaar (which I mentioned in my previous photo report) to get at some cool merchandise that I’ll show you later. Along the walls all over the entrance are lovely attraction posters like these! Every attraction, even brand new ones, gets a poster. And the best part is they’re all gorgeous!

Out on World Bazaar, the balloon salespeople were notably missing again. I’m always disappointed when they’re gone.

We don’t necessarily have a real confectionery here like the domestic parks do. The World Bazaar Confectionery serves as a final stop for buying boxes of treats called “omiyage”. Omiyage are gifts from travels given by Japanese people to friends, family, and colleagues, generally in the form of treats or small trinkets. And there’s so many (admittedly delicious) choices!

Atmospheric entertainment is alive and well here at Tokyo Disneyland! As I was travelling down Main Street (it’s still technically called Main Street even if the whole area is World Bazaar), I spotted the extremely talented bicycling pianist! Steven Shaw has been doing this for at least 15 years now (I’ve spotted him in videos from 2004), and he’s got simply the most wonderful personality and sense of humor! He brightens every Guest’s day, and it makes me very happy to see him performing.

Throughout the Park, Cast Members are selling the little spray bottle fans on carts, and spraying guests as they walk by with a lovely mist! It’s a welcome feeling after endless sweating. (Note: Permission was asked to photograph this Cast Member)

I think Walt and Mickey would agree that today is just a beautiful day! Unlike at Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom, our Partners Statue is on a terrace at the end of Main Street/World Bazaar. The center planter in front of the castle changes for different seasonal events as a photo op.

Planters all over the park have lovely (visually and aromatically) flowers in place!

Because it’s such a hot day, the vending machines in Westernland had a bit of a wait for them! These machines sell bottled water, green tea, and usually a sports drink or salty lychee drink for only ¥200 ($1.88)!

Further in Westernland, we can spot Tom’s favorite establishment here, Hungry Bear Restaurant!

Featuring (for now) a hidden Forky.

This counter-service establishment serves Japanese curry dishes, and is actually pretty delicious! The area is themed around a small western-style town, with dining areas matching! Above, you can see parts of the saloon and sheriff’s office-themed seating areas.

Praise the heavens, the Splash Mountain scaffolding is starting to come down! The refurbishment of Splash Mountain, Tom Sawyer Island, and the Rivers of America ends September 3rd, and I’ll be here the first day to drop in on the Briar Patch.

If we take a peek over the walls, we can see that they’ve begun refilling the attraction with water. How exciting!

Some equipment remains in the queue area, however.

The Rivers of America is beginning the refill process too!

Over in Fantasyland, we can see that the wait is a bit high at the Haunted Mansion today. Next week, it will close to be overlaid with Holiday Nightmare, as we discussed in our Halloween and Christmas reveals. I’m pretty excited for this, since it’s something I never got to see as a former frequent WDW Guest!

This week in Fantasyland construction, we can see even more definition coming to Beast’s Castle. I hope it isn’t too long before the scaffolding comes down!

The exterior of Maurice’s house looks done (and has been for some time). So much detail, even from a distance! Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney films, so being able to step in to the film’s world will be a dream come true!

Over in Tomorrowland, there’s a little bit of progress visually on The Happy Ride with Baymax and The Big Pop. Maybe in the coming weeks, we’ll start to see more details!

I love how our Tomorrowland retains the space age aesthetic that has been lost at the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland. Honestly, it still feels fairly futuristic to me!

Back in World Bazaar, we can see a scaffolding-less Splash Mountain in the distance, next to the soon-to-be-scaffolded Cinderella Castle. Enjoy the view while it lasts, folks!

Lots of characters roaming and greeting Guests in World Bazaar and at the park entrance! I love how expressive our characters are, and I always get excited to see whoever’s out!


Over in World Bazaar’s (somewhat hidden) Camera Center, the beautiful “Imagineering the Magic” series continues to be sold. This series is based on an ongoing series of books and exhibitions that display Disney characters in lovely outfits and backgrounds! The notepad above sells for ¥600 ($5.65), and the postcards go for ¥250 ($2.36).

How about this neat Minnie Mouse T-shirt? It’s not my style personally, but the photo printed on it is really well-done! This shirt retails for ¥3900 ($36.75).

Never worry about losing your kids in the Parks again with this extremely bright red and pom-pom Mouse ears hat! Peace of mind for the low low cost of ¥3800 ($35.80).

Over in the Confectiionery, a new cookie box has been released based on the waffles they sell at the Great American Waffle Company. There’s chocolate and (I think) maple for only ¥1000 ($9.42).

There’s also this new cookie box with famous Disney quotes printed on top and all over the sides!

You get various assorted sweets for ¥1700 ($16.02) in this set! I’m tempted just for the container, honestly!

And that’s all from Tokyo Disneyland for this week! Things are really moving forward as we progress closer and closer to the new expansions opening and the 2020 Olympics! Did you see anything you particularly loved? Let us know down in the comments or on Twitter!

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