PHOTO REPORT: Tokyo Disneyland 9/6/19 (Rivers of America Reopened, Cute Halloween Ears, Decorations Going Up, and More!)

It’s almost Halloween here at Tokyo Disneyland! Keyword: almost. The park is in one of their brief transition periods between events, as happens every few months. Normally this would be a rare opportunity to see Tokyo Disneyland in its “vanilla” state, but OLC has gone straight to work, prepping for Halloween! So, let’s take a look at what’s going on today at Tokyo Disneyland!

JR Maihama Station & Outside the Park

On our way down from the train platform, this ad has replaced Soaring: Fantastic Flight, advertising Tokyo DisneySea’s new Halloween event. I can’t wait to see and talk about this event, but today we’re focused on Tokyo Disneyland.

It looks pretty tranquil from the outside, if you ignore the construction work on the left. It can get very not tranquil if construction really gets going.

I was very concerned that the reconstruction would mean the loss of the Mickey floral. But if you look behind the big gate, you can just see the brickwork for the replacement!

Why thank you! I feel very welcome.

Inside the Park

We can see that scaffolding and walls are still up on both sides of the entrance. I wonder how long this construction will last?

It’s very rare to see the plain “Welcome” sign up, but it happens! I love seeing the seasonal decorations, but the clean look definitely suits the park well.

Here at Tokyo Disneyland, we have our own copy of Sharing the Magic. A lot of people pass this by (even though it’s right past the entrance), but I think it’s a wonderful tribute to Roy at this park.

Since it’s a new month (and about to be a new event), that means it’s time for a new Today Guide! This month features Minnie Mouse in her Spooky “Boo!” Parade attire. This outfit is actually brand new to this year, and we showed it off to you a couple of weeks ago!

Inside the guide, you can see promotional art and information about the event, including special food and merchandise! Unfortunately, the English version isn’t nearly this detailed.

On World Bazaar, we can see a huge line for the One Man’s Dream II merchandise we showed you a few weeks ago. Today was launch day, and everyone was excited!

Always a nice day here. Good thing the weather is cooperating!

We can already see some of the Halloween decor in place around World Bazaar and the Plaza. I particularly love the ghost Omnibus driver!

The central planter is plantered off for installation of the new Halloween diorama. The concept art looked amazing, and from what I can see, it looks spooky!

With the end of Donald’s Hot Jungle Summer comes the removal of the Castle Forecourt stage. I already miss Oh! Summer Banzai! so much, but we have to keep moving forward!

Over in Adventureland, the Western River Railroad has been reopened! Fun fact: Tokyo Disneyland doesn’t have a railroad circling the park because of Japanese railway laws in the 1980s. At the time, even train amusement rides were subject to laws requiring fares, fully-enclosed rail cars, and sale of commuter passes. This law was amended in 1987, allowing the DisneySea Electric Railway to exist, but it was too late here at Tokyo Disneyland.

Gosh, I missed this view. The Mark Twain and Splash Mountain are back!

Let’s sail over to Tom Sawyer Island, shall we? There’s been a couple of changes.

Say hi to the Beaver Brothers’ Explorer Canoes!

Everything has been touched up or even repainted! Injun Joe’s looks brand-new again (but it was too dark to take shots inside).

In the Indian Village, the teepee interiors have been cleaned up and only leaves from the wind remain.

And in Fort Sam Clemens, the space formerly occupied by The Canteen now holds vending machines. They will eventually accept IC cards like Suica and Pasmo, but that functionality appears to not yet be enabled.

Shinryo, a Japanese company dealing in industrial equipment construction, entered sponsorship deals at Tokyo Disney Resort this summer. At Tokyo DisneySea, their name is front and center for Guests as sponsor for Soaring: Fantastic Flight! Here, they’re a little more low-key, sponsoring the Mark Twain Riverboat.

Zip-ah-dee-doo-dah, zip-ah-dee-ay…

Over at The Haunted Mansion, the 999 happy haunts are taking a bit of a vacation. The Mansion is currently under conversion to The Haunted Mansion: Holiday Nightmare! That’s right, we have our own version here at Tokyo Disneyland! It opens up in just a few days, and I can’t wait!

Even though the summer events are over, the cooling spots with mist are (thankfully) still in use. It was fairly hot and humid today, so these were very welcomed by me!

Over in Tomorrowland, as I speculated with the reveal of the new Fantasyland pathway, the path adjoining Tomorrowland Terrace has been closed. This path formerly featured the famous (in Japan) Blue Wall. Looking over the wall, we can see walls are down around The Happy Ride with Baymax and The Big Pop. I would imagine some intense work needs to be done in this area to make it ready for the new offerings.


Lots of the new Halloween stuff is out, and you can see the vast majority of it here on TDRPlans. But there’s a few other things to see that weren’t revealed before!

This one we actually have seen before. These ears cost ¥2000 ($18.68).

These Hatbox Ghost ears (ironic considering we lack the Hatbox Ghost in our Mansion) are all over the park, and cost ¥2300 ($21.48).

These adorable ghost ears are hard to resist as well! They’re also available for ¥2000 ($18.68).

Let’s also preview the One Man’s Dream merchandise (which will be detailed in full soon). These two Posey Plushes are themed around the opening scene of One Man’s Dream II: The Magic Lives On, and cost ¥2600 ($24.28).

Tokyo doesn’t do pin trading, due to some incidents when it was first introduced. We collect pins instead! Most pins, including this neat one, cost ¥1000 ($9.34).

That’s it from Tokyo Disneyland this week! Next week, we’ll be showing off all of the spooky Halloween decorations! Are you excited? Is there anything that piqued your interest this week? Let us know below or on Twitter!

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Spooky Boo
2 years ago

Well now seeing the name Spooky Boo Parade makes me want to go and see it.