PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 9/22/19 (Tomorrowland, Crowds, and Bears oh my!)

Good morning from Magic Kingdom! We started off bright and early today to try and get a glimpse of the new Tomorrowland sign since we last checked in on it, this time while it was still illuminated, it was still lit but daylight was setting in quick!

Let’s head into the land…

Look out Cool Ship! You might be next, we sure hope Disney does not keep up the trend of replacing the highly themed signs like these, with plain contemporary designs like the new sign for the land!

While exploring Tomorrowland, we discovered a new bottled beverage stand with an actual cash register podium. This area was the previous home of the giant Toy Story alien crane merchandise stand.

Sonny Eclipse was awake and playing music bright and early today.

These are the railings that run alongside the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, the design pictured above is now only present on about half of the ride’s perimeter. See below for a contrast.

This is the difference between the railings on the PeopleMover as mentioned above. The metal grate is no longer present.

On our way out of Tomorrowland we noticed the fairly new chairs at the Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant. That orange color was a horrible choice…were they on sale or something?  It does not match the rest of the color scheme for the land at all!

Next we headed into Fantasyland. As we walked through Cinderella Castle, we were immediately greeted by this giant crane on the right. Such an eye sore every year when that thing arrives!

Over at Bonjour Gifts, we found this new Jim Shore figurine. This figurine features Belle & her father Maurice wearing his inventor swag. You don’t see Maurice on Beauty & the Beast merchandise often, so this piece is sure to be a hit with fans!

Over at Gaston’s Tavern, the self serve water station is still available, unlike most water stations this one does not have the sign advising guests not to fill their personal water bottles and to use the paper cups for one time fills. This signage should be a must for all these stations, if people follow this rule, it helps prevent the spread of germs.

With not much else happening over in Fantasyland, we headed on into Adventureland, where you can see the crowds are quickly thickening!

Over at the Pirates of the Caribbean exit store “Pirates Bazaar” we found this really cool skull shirt for Adults. The Price was $34.99.

Over in Frontierland, this guy thought it would be funny to sneak up on us!

The front view of Splash Mountain, one of the “coolest” photo spots at Magic Kingdom.

Splash Mountain was still at a five minute wait, an hour into park opening! This was at around 10:00 am.

Here we have some of the best plush Disney has created in a while. These are the three main Splash Mountain characters Br’er Rabbit ($24.99), Br’er Fox ($26.99), and Br’er Bear ($29.99).

Lastly, our our way out, we noticed how crazy the line was for Sleepy Hollow Refreshments. Seeing how it is pretty much the only quick service location to get some substantial breakfast food, this shouldn’t really be a surprise! The Nutella & Fruit Waffle is one of our favorites! Thanks for reading and keep watching for the next report on Magic Kingdom from WDWNT!

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