PHOTOS: Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort “Beauty and The Beast” Bar Construction Update 9/7/19 (New Tile Flooring, Balcony Changes, ETC.)

Tale as old as time… The Grand Floridian is adding a Beauty and the Beast inspired bar, and we’ve been eagerly watching and waiting. We decided to hop off the monorail and take a look around the construction, and we noticed many changes!

Curtains are up all around the former Commander Porter’s and Mizner’s Lounge. We can also see plastic draped from the ceiling behind the curtains. Plastic was even visible on the floor under the curtains.

Deluxe Resort signage, everyone.

The new floor is a combination of cool gray and brown tones. You can tell a big transformation is coming. This is a huge change from the tiered stage that used to be up here.

The bottom edges of the columns look pretty rough. The flooring looks fresh, though.

We’ll be watching for more changes here. It’s already a huge difference from the flooring that was here before. This is where the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra used to play before being moved downstairs. We’ve been following the progress for some time, so be sure to check out our post with the original staging area, and the old flooring here. The floor was still in pretty rough condition last time we were here, so this is a big improvement.

There was a lot of noise going on from behind the curtains upstairs, and a few guys moving things around outside. The scrims around the balcony have been removed, and we can see a little more of the action.

One portion of the balcony is gone and has a wooden plank barrier in its place. This looks like it could be used as an easy way to move equipment and furniture in and out of the bar, although it looks atrocious.

It’ll be exciting to see this location transformed into a new bar and lounge. We’ll be watching and updating, so stay tuned for more!