PHOTOS: Moat Refilled, Landscaping Added to Pathway at Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom

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With work on the Cinderella Castle pathway linking Fantasyland and Sleepy Hollow finally completed, it’s time to return this area to its former glory, as guests are clamoring for the return of their romantic castleside views. Thankfully, it appears that with recent work on landscaping and construction fully finalized, they were able to refill the iconic moat overnight:

The castle’s pale green waters are back at almost their original levels, painting a picturesque scene for guests traversing the newly-widened pathway.

Those wooden panels we saw contractors working on a few weeks ago turned out to be these faux moat wooden doors in teal, with black wrought iron accents.

Off to the side of the moat doors, landscaping seems finished, but all the young trees have yet to properly fill in the space, leaving a lot of exposed dirt.

Finally this area can look like the pan-out scene from a Walt Disney World vacation planning DVD.

Dams are still in place across winding paths of the moat, but we hope the area will be at full water level, sans dams and other construction equipment, soon.

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It looks great! But enjoy it while you can, because in another month or so, the crane will be back in view to wrap the castle in xmas lights. Not that that’s a bad thing. Lol.


Just a suggestion but if possible could you guys say which Magic Kingdom you are referring to in articles such as this. It would be helpful since both the Anaheim and Orlando parks are called the same thing.

Tom Corless
Tom Corless

The other park is called Disneyland

Adrian King
Adrian King

The Magic Kingdom is just in Orlando. In Anaheim, the park is callled Disneyland. Cheers.