PHOTOS: The Odyssey Receives Even More New Brightly Colored Sections as Pavilion Repainting Continues at Epcot

When we first noticed the repainting project on The Odyssey building at Epcot, we assumed they were going for a more neutral scheme. Well, recent work on and around the pavilion is definitely hinting at a bright, colorful new future for the building.

Except for the planters. They’ve all been painted white, a departure from their original terracotta color scheme.

Over on the sides, these planters have also been painted white, but with an added blue stripe and chevrons… possibly pointing guests towards the future Epcot Experience Center, or as it’s officially named: “Walt Disney Imagineering Presents the Epcot Experience”.

The Center will show off all the plans for the major changes coming to the park over the next few years, and it seems they’re trying to mirror the bright interior deigns for the space throughout the exteriors.

The bright blue wall on the right, which is the First Aid area (on the Mexico side of the building) was the first wall to receive any color.

Looking at the way it’s painted with the diagonal stripe tells us they’re probably planning on doing some pattern work. It’s very reminiscent of the work they have been doing in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom recently.

Over by one of the entrances, there’s a section of hot pink paint as well. It’s somewhat jarring, but we’ll wait and see what they do with the rest of the building. Many guests have mentioned that the colors correspond with the typical colors used for each bathroom (pink for women, blue for men) but it’s hard to believe they’d be that basic about it. I think this whole building’s going to be coated in Epcot colors, instead of going for a “baby shower” theme.

What started out as just a section of pink now has pink over the entranceway, as well.

Over by another entrance, there’s another sweeping of hot pink color over the entryway in addition to the small hot pink sliver we noticed recently.

It’s interesting to note the blue painter’s tape on the glass panels of the doors. They might be doing something with those, as well.

We’ll be keeping an eye on The Odyssey’s exterior as it flourishes with color for its much-awaited reopening. The people need their Starbucks.

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1 year ago

Anyone else getting an 80’s vibe from the paint scheme? I love it!