REVIEW: New “Monsters, Inc.” Inspired Sulley Cupcake Arrives Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

Annie Wilson

REVIEW: New “Monsters, Inc.” Inspired Sulley Cupcake Arrives Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

We scare because we care. We also review because we care. Disney’s All-Star Music Resort has debuted a brand-new cupcake inspired by the lovable Sulley from Monster’s Inc., but will this be a monster of a hit? Or a monstrosity?

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We hit up All-Star Music’s Intermission Food Court to try the latest character icon cupcake. We do really enjoy most of these cupcakes, so we would never miss the opportunity to try this Sulley cupcake.

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The cupcake is a yellow base, topped by blue buttercream with purple buttercream spots, and two chocolate pieces for horns. There’s even a sprinkling of edible glitter. It’s actually pretty cute. Let’s see if it passes the taste test, too.

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The buttercream has a nice, sweet taste. The blue tasted like blue raspberry, without the tartness. The purple spots were definitely regular vanilla buttercream, but we had to ask the cast member to confirm the flavor of the blue. We’re told it’s “Blue Lime” even though it tasted very different from the Jack Hallow-Lime Cupcake sitting in the case next to it. Well, it still tastes like blue raspberry to me, but it’s supposedly lime.

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We cut it open to find it’s actually filled with more buttercream frosting. There’s actually not even that much cake here, to be honest. There is more frosting than cake. This is perfect if you love frosting, but it’s a bit overly sweet. It might have even worked out better with the vanilla buttercream filled inside. It is extremely fresh, we will give them credit for that. The cake has a great taste, we just wish there was more cake and a little less frosting.

This cupcake can be found at the Intermission Food Court for $5.99. It’s cute, but it might be worth passing up this one for one of the other Fall desserts in the bakery display case.