REVIEW: New Halloween Petit Cake Creeps into Amorette’s Patisserie

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A scary new petit cake has arrived at Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney’s Springs. We spotted this frightening little Halloween Petit Cake in the display case and knew there was no way we were leaving without it. It looks amazing.

It’s beautifully decorated with a dead tree of chocolate. A sliver of a white chocolate moon tops the cake, surrounded by fondant bats above a fondant haunted house. It’s nice that not all the decorations are made from fondant. Let’s check out the other side.

There’s a cute little black cat on the back with gold eyes. The blue and purple colors on the cake look so smooth and glossy. The petit cakes have a ribbon along the bottom of the cake, so make sure you remove it for an easier time cutting.

The Halloween Petit Cake is available for $18, which is a $2 price increase from other similar cakes, like the Lion King Petit Cake. It’s a very small cake for the price, but it can be shared for sure.

This cake is layers of vanilla chiffon cake, pumpkin mousse, pecans, and chantilly cream.

The layers are beautiful. The chantilly cream is incredible, and the layer around the cake is much thicker than some of the other cakes we’ve tried. We really noticed a difference, and it helped balance out all the layers of filling better. You can see the layers of pumpkin mousse, pecans, and cake. The pecans give a nice crunch, and the pumpkin flavor is good, but not overwhelming. The chantilly cream and vanilla chiffon cake are amazing, too. The blue coloring will stain your hands while you eat, though. You’ve been warned.

We highly recommend this cute little cake if you’re looking for a higher quality dessert at Walt Disney World. It is a little expensive at $18, but it’s absolutely delicious. This petit cake gets points for having looks, taste, and pumpkin mousse. Happy pumpkin season, everyone!

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I wonder how much Halloween stuff will still be available when we get there on November 1.