REVIEW: Limited Time Red Velvet Dark Side Dessert from Disney’s Beach Club Resort

It’s been a crazy week of food. We’ve eaten our way around every Star Wars themed dessert we could find. We’ve had everything from savory Bantha Skewers to sweet Galactic Funnel Cakes, so we’d like to think we’ve become masters of the Star Wars food around Walt Disney World. We paid a visit to the Beach Club’s Marketplace to try the Dark Side Red Velvet Cake and we’re so glad we did.

Come to the Dark Side. We have red velvet cake.

This was probably one of the best desserts we’ve had, which is really saying something. It was so good, we felt bad. The red velvet cake is covered in a layer of chocolate ganache, which is beautifully decorated with red and silver “splatter” marks. The base of the cake is a sugar cookie,  with black sugar crystals and red sprinkles around the edge that give a bit of a crunch to the cake. Kylo Ren tops the cake, in dark chocolate, of course.

When we cut into this cake, it was super moist, and swirled with cream cheese icing. You can see big dollops of cream cheese icing in the cake. The cake is really, really red inside, though. This is one of the best cakes we’ve had in a while. The cream cheese frosting gave the cake a smooth, creamy texture throughout and the  chocolate ganache added just the right amount of richness to the cake. We were shocked by how good this cake was. This is the type of cake that should have been served at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s so far superior to the Galaxy Far, Far Away Mousse, it’s almost sad that this red velvet cake is hidden in a resort.

The Beach Club has a reputation for great ice cream, but maybe we need to start skipping Beaches and Cream and go right for the Marketplace for our sweet treats instead. This dessert is $5.99, and can also be found at the Market at Ale & Compass at the Yacht Club Resort. This dessert is only available through September 29, so hurry!