REVIEW: Special Set for Disney Halloween at Tokyo DisneySea’s Casbah Food Court

It’s time for Disney Halloween at Tokyo Disney Resort! And one of my favorite parts of any Tokyo Disney Resort event is the array of snacks and food items available! In this series of reviews, I’ll be detailing every single new snack and counter-service item. Casbah Food Court has taken some time off from being in the spotlight, with their last special set having come with Pixar Playtime back in January-March. Fortunately, they’ve come back strong with this delicious and filling set! So, let’s journey across the desert to Arabian Coast and give this a try together!

Special Set – ¥1580 ($14.66)

There’s always excellent values at Casbah. The special set is a big meal that left me absolutely stuffed afterward!

This is a big, big, BIG plate! Everything is separated so you can eat your naan or chicken without contacting the curry, if you so desire. The naan is fluffy and not dry, and would make an excellent palate cleanser between the curry and dessert. Unfortunately, I have to destroy the lovely rice dam to mix the deliciousness together! Both the red and plain chicken were excellent, particularly the former. The red and spicy chicken was quite juicy and flavorful, contrasting the rather plain and slightly overcooked chicken in the background. As for the curry and rice, I think “medium” is a vast overstatement. The curry isn’t spicy at all, leaving a slightly spicy aftertaste at the worst. This comes from someone sensitive to spice too! Nonetheless, the cheese, rice, and curry mix together well to create an extremely filling and delicious meal!

I’ve got a huge sweet tooth, so desserts always make me the happiest of all! When they follow an excellent meal, it makes me even happier. Picking up from the Tipo Torta, the sweet potato flavor here is sweeter, yet still savory. The yuzu jelly below only compliments it further, creating an excellent blend of fruity sweet and savory sweet that creates an excellent finale to this overall delectable meal! I couldn’t say anything negative about this dessert at all.

All together, this is probably second only to New York Deli’s sandwich in terms of Halloween counter service at Tokyo DisneySea. While expensive compared to other options, you definitely get your money’s worth in this tasty, varied, and sizeable meal! If you’re in doubt about where to eat this season, come to Casbah Food Court in Arabian Coast for a treat!

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