Tax Increase Means Ticket Price Increases for Tokyo Disney Resort Effective October 1st

Today, the Oriental Land Company announced that ticket prices will be slightly increasing at Tokyo Disney Resort starting October 1st. Surprisingly, this move is not due to the forthcoming expansion at Tokyo Disneyland on April 15, but due to a tax increase in Japan from 8% to 10%. OLC also mentioned that these price hikes would likely affect other purchases (including merchandise) at the Resort, but largely would exempt food and beverages.

The changes are as follows (in Japanese Yen):

Through September 30, 2019Starting October 1, 2019
Type of TicketAdult (18+)Junior (12-17)Child (4-11)Adult (18+)Junior (12-17)Child (4-11)
One-Day Passport7,4006,4004,8007,5006,5004,900
Senior Passport6,7006,800
Starlight Passport5,4004,7003,5005,5004,8003,600
After-6 Passport4,2004,300
Two-Day Passport13,20011,6008,60013,40011,8008,800
Three-Day Passport17,80015,50011,50018,10015,80011,800
Four-Day Passport22,40019,40014,40022,80019,80014,800
Two-Park Annual Passport89,00056,00091,00057,000
Two-Park Annual Passport (Senior)75,00076,000
One-Park Annual Passport61,00039,00062,00040,000
One-Park Annual Passport (Senior)51,00052,000

The changes to ticket prices really aren’t all that bad, honestly. The One-Day Passport increase is only about $1.00, and the Two-Park Annual Passport increase is only around $20. I would expect much worse normally, considering the pattern at the domestic parks. However, some Japanese fans on Twitter are upset about this new development. Especially since the Annual Passport price was just lowered by ¥4000 in 2018, and now it’s halfway back to where the price was originally.

Do these changes affect you? Are you frustrated by this change? Let us know below or on Twitter!

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