BREAKING: Complimentary Wi-Fi Now Installed Aboard Select Walt Disney World Buses

Guests to Walt Disney World that are low on data can now rejoice as Wi-Fi has been enabled on Walt Disney World buses. This confirms a rumor that we reported about earlier this year that the new buses would have free Wi-Fi.

Today, we found that stickers had been added on the windows of one of the new character-wrapped buses. The Wi-Fi network is “Disney Transport Guest” and is separate from the other networks at Walt Disney World, so your phone will not automatically connect.


Speeds on the bus Wi-Fi network were acceptable, but not incredibly fast – good for general browsing, but not great for uploading photos or video chats.

Select Walt Disney World buses have free Wi-Fi now, with only the new character-wrapped ones showing stickers indicating that the bus has Wi-Fi available.

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