PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 10/25/19 (“Incredible” Merchandise, New Alex and Ani Bracelets, Docking Bay 7 Menu Changes, and More)

Good morning from Disney’s Hollywood Studios! My name is Jilly, and I’ll be your guide during this magical journey into the movies.

Speaking of movies. I hope we have some fans of “The Incredibles” out there, because we were practically swimming in new merchandise today!

Incredibles Logo Loungefly – $75.00

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Edna Mode Loungefly – $80.00

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Now this, my darlings, is fashion. Both of these are available at Reel Vogue over on Sunset Blvd.

And, if that Edna backpack wasn’t enough for you, Disney also released this matching long sleeve:

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I usually never look back, because it distracts from the now, but the back of this shirt is perfect! You can find this over at Municiberg Gifts for $39.99.

Incredible Mom Alex & Ani Bracelet – $79.99

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The last bit of Incredibles fashion we spotted was this Alex and Ani bracelet featuring Mrs. Incredible. It’s never to early to buy your mom that perfect Christmas gift.

This was part of a whole PIXAR Alex & Ani collection that we spotted today in Legends of Hollywood. So if The Incredibles isn’t your cup of tea, there’s certainly more where this came from.

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Glad to see little touches like this still around, especially for those who miss the Great Movie Ride. Don’t get us wrong, though, we are still excited to see what Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway has in store for us come Spring.

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Over at Mickey’s of Hollywood, we spotted these cuties. Disney is calling them bracelets, but they can certainly double as a hair ties. You’ll definitely need one in the Florida heat.

One features the Merry-Go-Round horse from Mary Poppins and the other a soaring Dumbo. These are $9.99 each or $7.00 each when you buy 3.

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Construction is still happening on what will probably be expanded bathrooms across from Baseline Taphouse. Though we couldn’t see a lot of a changes since our last visit, we definitely heard power tools drilling away at the site from behind the hedges.

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Too bad we couldn’t see what this Disney Squirrel was seeing.

Vintage Mickey & Minnie Alex & Ani Bracelets – $44.99

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If the PIXAR bracelets weren’t enough, we also stumbled upon these beautiful additions to the Alex and Ani family. Most of the Disney bracelets nowadays have a shiny finish to them, so these are also a nice throwback to the older Disney designs.

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While heading over to Batuu, we spotted a reminder of The Mandalorian, coming to Disney +, November 12th!

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After having a less-than-cordial conversation with this Stormtrooper, I decided to head over to Docking Bay 7 Food & Cargo to see what menu they decided to give out today:

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Though they weren’t handing out menus and were very protective over the few they had, it seems they are still working with the non-immersive names. This is definitely something we need to keep our eye out for, though.

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And that’s about it from Disney’s Hollywood Studios today. Time to go get my hands on some Endorian Tip-Yip, or rather, Roasted Chicken…

’Till the Spire!

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  1. It is disappointing that Galaxy’s Edge is becoming less immersive. Also, I heard that Galaxy’s Edge originally wanted to have more characters, creatures, droids, etc. wandering around the land. That would have been cool. I hope that in the future, Galaxy’s Edge will find a way to incorporate the original trilogy characters as well.

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