PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 10/18/19 (New Food in Galaxy’s Edge, Park Pals, Themed Digital Tip Boards, Christmas on Sunset Boulevard, and More!)

Bright suns from Disney’s Hollywood Studios! We’ve come to eat our way around Batuu after we heard that new items had been added at two locations here. Ronto Roasters and Docking Bay 7 Food & Cargo both have interesting new food options on the menu, so we had to try them for ourselves.

As soon as we arrived at Ronto Roasters, we noticed the new items added to the menu. You can now find a Ronto Chicken Wrap and Ronto Chips here, with the option of having the chips served in a souvenir droid bucket. You can get our full review on the Ronto Chicken Wrap and Chips here, but simply put, skip the wrap… and go for the chips.

Over at Docking Bay 7, you’ll notice that the menus have gotten simplified. The Star Wars themed names have been changed to more straightforward names like “Fried Chicken” instead. The previous Star Wars names can be found in the descriptions now. This is disappointing, since the basic names aren’t nearly as much fun.

We also stopped to try the newest addition to the younglings menu in Docking Bay 7 Food & Cargo, the plant-based “meat” marinara pasta.

Kat Saka’a Kettle has a green popcorn available now in addition to the other popcorn. This green “Galactic Grains” popcorn is pretty basic, just a salt and butter flavor with green coloring. This tastes like all the other popcorn in the park, but you can’t get your refills here.

The stormtroopers have been supervising the younglings at the droid mat.

The new structure across from Sci-Fi is most likely a bathroom, and seems to be making slow progress.

Several wait time signs around the park have gotten upgraded to more permanent, themed structures. They look good.

Some of the new Park Pals friends can be found at Celebrity 5 & 10. We found Stitch and Minnie Mouse hanging out in one of the display racks.

On Sunset Boulevard, the Christmas decorations are starting to go up. Tinsel stars can be found lining both sides of the streets now.

We also spotted this Edna Mode shirt at Municiberg Gifts for $34.99.

Well, that’s about it for today. Thanks for following us around Hollywood Studios and be sure to stay tuned for more updates. Til the spire!

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Jessica Messica
Jessica Messica
1 year ago

Christmas decorations up already? Have they done it this early in the past?