REVIEW: New Chicken Ronto Wrap and Ronto Chips Debut as New Menu Items at Ronto Roasters in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

And here we thought Disneyland was getting all the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge food. Ronto Roasters, a staff favorite here at WDWNT for its amazingly tasty Ronto Wraps, has introduced a new chicken wrap as well as Ronto Chips at the location, so we decided to board the nearest sandcrawler and make our way over to Batuu at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The new menu board has the recent additions on display.

If you need more time to mull over the new options, you can study this handheld menu. The new food is even on display over by the pick-up counter. While it’s tempting to stick with the classic Ronto Wrap, we had to try out the new items for you, so here goes.

You save about fifty cents by ordering the Chicken Wrap compared to the typical Ronto Wrap, but when you think about it, a wrap and some chips is virtually coming out to nearly $25 with tax. Just let that sink in. The good thing is, either of these items make for filling meals or snacks on their own.

The Ronto Chips come stacked high in a paper bag, and the wrap is served as usual, in a parchment envelope.

Chicken Ronto Wrap – $12.49

The wrap comes in the usual soft, fresh pita bread that’s served here and stuffed with a scoop of marinated chicken, cucumber relish, and herb feta yogurt sauce. As you can see by the (actively) dripping sauce, this is quite the messy endeavor, and you’ll have to deal with a lot of wrap leakage as consequence. Another fun tidbit to note is that on the receipt, the item was noted as a “Tip-Yip” wrap, despite Disney recently overhauling menus at Docking Bay 7 (the original home of Tip-Yip) to not include any themed Star Wars names.

We wanted to love this wrap. We really did. We’re Ronto fans ’till the very end, but this wrap simply didn’t work out for us.

[Dripping continues]
The pita bread is soft, the cucumber was crisp and fresh… but it’s just drowning in that herb sauce.

This is like eating a pita wrap doused in salad dressing. It’s oily and heavy, and the chicken isn’t even very good, although you can’t really taste it over all that dressing. The flavors here are too strong, and don’t really translate well to a wrap. If you’re in the mood for chicken, just get the Tip-Yip Salad––I mean, Roasted Chicken Salad at Docking Bay 7.

Ronto Chips – $9.99

The bag of Ronto Chips includes an assortment of Nuna Turkey Jerky, plantains, blue potato chips, pork rinds, and rice crackers. The jerky is still sold here as individual pieces, and the blue chips seem like the Terra brand ones. The pork rinds and rice crackers are new, with these both making occasional appearances at Oga’s Cantina––whenever they feel like serving the secret menu charcuterie plate, anyway.

These chips were great. Not everyone will be a fan of the pork rinds, but they do taste pretty good. The other offerings, from the blue chips to the plantain chips, are pretty standard, but are good snacks, and the jerky rounds everything out adding some additional protein.

You do get two pieces of jerky, one being the sweet and the other being the spicy flavor, so there’s a good blend of flavor contrasts there.

Overall, the chips aren’t as good as the Batuu Bits at Oga’s, but it’s a solid snack mix you can get without a reservation. Moving forward, we’ll definitely stick to the regular Ronto Wraps, but we’d buy the Ronto Chips any day.

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1 year ago

Has anyone tried ordering the vegan ronto wrap at Disney World? The one at Disneyland looks bomb and I want to join in!

David Rivera
David Rivera
1 year ago

This is why I love you guys. Your reporting about the foods at WDW is spot on. I’ve listened to you religiously and you have never steered me in the wrong direction. Nice to know I’ll be saving money by not purchasing this wrap. Can’t wait to try the regular Ronto Wrap though.

Adiel Alfonso
Adiel Alfonso
1 year ago

12.49 for a wrap? They are out of their minds.