PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 10/15/19 (The Epcot Experience, World Showcase Entertainment, and More!)

Good morning, friends! Welcome to another day of Epcot adventures. This morning, we beat the crowds and arrived super early, so let’s go.

We can’t get over how amazing these construction walls look with just the new logo and a few bright stripes of color!

Taking about the new Epcot logo, at our first stop, we found this sleek-looking hat at MouseGear. We may need to purchase this next time. The new logo just looks fresh, and adding it on black with the old Epcot symbol, just speaks to us. For $27.99, it’s a great gear for all parkgoers.

As we were heading out of MouseGear, we couldn’t help but notice all the “Frozen 2” merchandise. Let the Frozen fever commence! If you’re wondering, we miss Frozen Summer Fun too.

At the Epcot Experience, what a great addition to hold guest and fans over while Disney guts and tears apart our beloved park. Seriously, the Epcot Experience is amazing! Check out everything the Epcot Experience has to offer!

Epcot's World Celebration Model

Epcot's Newest Neighborhood

How cool is this? It’s a new model of Epcot’s new and upcoming Festival Center. It’s really amazing how Disney is already adding new elements to this new experience each and every day.

Epcot Opening Day Map

Epcot Opening Day Ticket

An Epcot opening day map and commemorative opening day ticket are displayed with the new model.

The multi-levels and lush greenery looks breathtaking in this model. Here’s to hoping this doesn’t get affected by budget cuts.

Taking a trip around the World Showcase, the closure of Heritage Manor surprised us at The American Adventure.

Talking with a cast member, we were informed it was the first day of its closure and some merchandise was moved outside to this kiosk. Learn more here.

Epcot Entertainment

With all the budget cuts happening with live entertainment around Walt Disney World, we are glad entertainment around the World Showcase like Serveur Amusant are still around to amaze and enjoy.

Thanks for reading, friends. See you next time!

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1 year ago

I hope we get to see the completed Festival Center look like that plan. Though I am worried the greenery will get cut, which would be sad because that’s what makes the thing cool.

1 year ago

Do you know if the World Showcase performers don’t perform on busy weekends due to crowd flow issues? I was there over the Columbus Day weekend and noticed both Serveur Amusant and the Morocco band weren’t out and I was nervous they were gone for good. Glad to see they haven’t been permanently closed down.