PHOTOS: Heritage Manor Closes to Become New Art of Disney Location at The American Adventure in Epcot

With the transformation of Epcot well underway across Future World, there is one offering that is actually making its way across the World Showcase lagoon, and that’s the Art of Disney store currently located near the entrance to the park.

Once the Art of Disney closes on December 15th, it will move on to Heritage Manor Gifts at The American Adventure, which is slated to become the new, permanent home for Art of Disney offerings.

Today, Heritage Manor closed its doors for its very own reimagining, with most of the merchandise for The American Adventure now housed in a kiosk just outside the pavilion building. Take a look at the current state of the pavilion, as well as the kiosk, below.

Currently, all doors to the shop are closed. No signage has appeared on the doors yet, but is sure to pop up in the following days as more and more guests begin to inquire as to the status of the store.

The one kiosk for the pavilion now carries most of the merchandise that was housed inside Heritage Manor, with Americana themed items and a variety of pins available for purchase.

The pins are also available on this rotating outdoor display.

We’ll keep an eye on this area as construction progresses ahead of the arrival of the Art of Disney store to The American Adventure.

Art of Disney is still open by the entrance to the park, so Disney art collectors can still browse the fan-favorite store for a few more months. (Meaning you can still score a silver minted Disney Dollar if you so wish.)

What do you think of Art of Disney changing locations?

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  1. It’s kind of sad to me. I mean, all the other World Showcases have large venues that cater to that country’s shopping experience(the Mitsukoshi store, the various stores of Germany, even the souks of Morocco). America had this one shop and now it’s reduced to a kiosk. I guess the times they ARE a-changing.

    1. The company that created American Adventure and Liberty Square, and continues to have daily flag-lowering ceremonies with veterans in Magic Kingdom? That company hates America? Okay, sure, that makes sense. Let’s do everyone a favor and keep the trolls in the Norway Pavilion.

      As for the kiosk, this seems like a reasonable compromise to me, since Art of Disney had to go somewhere and the quantity of wares in the original gift shop was small enough to make it work as a kiosk, which might be a temporary solution until Disney can figure out another location for Art of Disney. It seems premature to assume that “the times they are a-changing” and that it’s been forever “reduced to a kiosk,” because, ya know, construction.

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