PHOTOS: Adorable Decor and Merchandise Revealed for Duffy’s Heartwarming Days, Now Featuring CookieAnn at Tokyo DisneySea

Duffy the Disney Bear is a huge deal at Tokyo Disney Resort! And often, special mini-events dedicated to Duffy and his friends are held within Cape Cod at Tokyo DisneySea to celebrate them! This winter, we’ll see one last year of Duffy’s Heartwarming Days! Let’s take a look at the decorations and items coming January 10th through March 19th!

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All over Cape Cod, lovely decorations featuring the five Duffy friends (especially the new CookieAnn) to show off the spirit of the heartwarming winter season!


Duffy Costumes – ¥4900 ($45.16)

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All four of the original Duffy friends will be receiving adorable costumes (completely different from last year) to fit the season! CookieAnn will also be sporting her traditional outfit, since she’s going to be brand-new.

Tote Bag – ¥4000 ($36.87)

img191021pr 7

Waffle Iron – ¥4200 ($38.71)

img191021pr 8

Keychain Straps – ¥1900 ($17.51) Each

img191021pr 11

Disney Resort Line Pass

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Along with Pixar Playtime and Very Very Minnie, a special Disney Resort Line pass will be available during this season.

I love these mini-events themed around Duffy and his friends! The final Duffy’s Heartwarming Days will take place in Cape Cod at Tokyo DisneySea from January 10th through March 19th! Are you excited? Let us know below or on Twitter!

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