Epcot Tram Update

PHOTOS: Latest Update on Tram Loop Construction at Epcot

Epcot has never looked so “under construction” since the initial build of the park. Both inside and outside, Epcot is changing. Work continues on the exciting new entrance to enhance the overall arrival experience for guests. As we stated in our last update, be prepared to participate in bag check twice if you are traveling from the TTC to Epcot.

Now, “What’s new with construction?” I’m glad you asked!

Epcot Tram Update

Here is the state of the tram turnaround section of construction. It looks almost finished, compared to the rest of the area.

Epcot Tram Update

The right side of this area is still getting paved. Looks like there will be a big section for walking in and out of the park, which is always been needed.

Here is a closer look at the newly-paved area.

There is so much construction happening right underneath and around the monorail station. This used to be the tram pickup and drop off area.

The old bus drop-off area as well as the guest drop-off/pick-up area is developing quickly. Looks like since the last update, they added more to the concrete slab on the left hand side. They also added a new lamp post and are working on extending to the right as well.

This area above use to be a huge plot of grass, used for overflow parking during festivals and holiday events like New Years Eve. Looks like that will not be happening, with what looks like a pathway coming soon.

Here is a closer look of that possible pathway.

More of what use to be grassy area near the old bus drop-off and restroom area.

What we thought was possibly a security booth under the stairs, is now encased and might be more of a electrical room. Check out how it looked before HERE.

That wraps up what’s happening with the tram loop construction at Epcot!

Who else is looking forward to all this being done in a few years? Stay tuned for more tram loop construction updates at Epcot!

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Bradley D Monroe
Bradley D Monroe
1 year ago

I see the West lot tram loop is about to be finished. Any photos of the Wonder lot tram loop updates (referring to the Eastern side of the Epcot lot tram loop)?