PHOTOS: Latest Update on Tram Loop and Entrance Construction at Epcot

There are a lot of big changes that are happening currently at the front of Epcot. Not just inside the park, but outside as well. Work continues to be underway to improve the overall entrance experience for guests. One important note to be made is that if you are traveling from TTC to Epcot, due to the current layout of Epcot’s entrance, you must go through bag check TWICE! So be prepared for this somewhat of an inconvenience, we sure weren’t expecting it!

Now, let’s see what’s changed since our last update.

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Here you can see where the temporary parking tram stop currently is located, at a certain point it may be quicker to just walk than take the tram, as it’s really not saving you much time anymore!

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Here is the current state of the old tram traffic section that begins near electric vehicle charging and the old drop-off/ pick-up area.

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The new tram turnaround section appears to be nearing completion, despite everything else still needing lots of work.

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The majority of the work that is currently taking place is under and around the monorail station. This area used to be the tram pick-up and drop-off area, right next to bag check. This area still looks like it’s slated to be moved.

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A closer look at the area mentioned above.

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Here you can see this is where the old bus drop off area would empty out to, as well as the drop off/pick guests from the parking lot corner. That whole concrete slab is new, with outlines laid to extend it further to the left. The placement of this is telling me this area will probably be the (or one of the) new security checkpoints.

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Here’s the partial view guests have of the old tram load/unload area as they exit the monorail platform headed down towards the park entrance and bag check.

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Here is a wider view of the area we mentioned above, this is as you get closer to the bottom of the monorail station.

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Here you can see where guests used to enter from the left side of the parking lot where they were given the option to use a left or right bag check if both sides were open for guests to use. There’s some sort of barrier going up right down the middle.

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Here was the location adjacent to what used to be the no bag line entrance coming from the buses, where we see some excavating has taken place along the wall.

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This area used to be the huge patch of grass out front of the park where they would park guests for overflow during festivals and holidays, that was also an extra treat being able to park so close to the park…well…not anymore!

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More of the grass parking area mentioned previously, but closer to the old bus drop-off entrance and restrooms.

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The two pictures above are of what is behind the walls where the previous tram drop off area was, you probably recognize it by the giant cylinder pillars.

This wraps up the latest update on the Epcot entrance construction project. If you are like us, you can’t wait for this project to be finished!

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  1. Just returned from 5 day visit. Stay home! EPCOT is a construction mess! From the parking lot to World Showcase to International Gateway, construction is everywhere. Even during the day I watched as contractors were putty together a roof! Canada, France, the rattling gondolas, … on and on. On the other hand, attendance is low …

  2. Any progress on the Eastern side of the Epcot parking lot and a tram loop for the East lot (Imagine, Explore, and Wonder)? All I see is the tram loop for the West lot (Discover and Create).

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