PHOTOS: New Classic Minnie Mouse Flower Hat Ear Headband Arrives at Walt Disney World

If you’re getting overwhelmed with all the new Minnie ear headbands arriving at the parks lately and would like to opt for something a little bit more traditional, you’ll want to head to MouseGear for the latest ones to hit the shelves.

New Classic Minnie Mouse Hat Ear Headband Arrive at Epcot

The latest ears mirror the newest hat that Minnie has been wearing in the new animated Mickey Mouse cartoons. This is the same animation style that will be featured in Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

Classic Minnie Mouse Hat Ear Headband – $29.99

Classic Minnie Mouse Hat Ear Headband - $29.99

This all-black sequin headband throws it back to more of the classic style of ears that we used to see in the Minnie headbands before a rainbow of sequins and designs took over. It’s also similar to the all-black sequin ears that came out earlier this year, though this features the addition of Minnie’s hat.

Classic Minnie Mouse Hat Ear Headband - $29.99

Speaking of Minnie’s hat, let’s take a closer look at it. The little red sailor hat is nestled between the two ears, covered in red sequins as well. The brim and cap of the hat are filled with a bit of fluff to help give it the shape as it rests on your head.

Classic Minnie Mouse Hat Ear Headband - $29.99

The stem of the yellow flower is made out of felt, so it’ll bounce around as you make your way through the parks. The yellow flower also features sequins on the petals, trimmed in a yellow stitched outline. The center of the flower is a white satin circle, lined with white stitching.

Classic Minnie Mouse Hat Ear Headband - $29.99

The back of the headband shows more of the felt stem where the flower extends from.

What do you think of these new ears? Are you grateful for something more classical rather than all the holiday ears that have been arriving lately?

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1 year ago

Hi, please do you know if I can find it at Hollywood Studios?