REVIEW: Disney Tests New Flatbread Pizza at Electric Umbrella, Oh My God It’s Slightly Better

For years, the Electric Umbrella has been a go-to for guests looking for straightforward menu items in a park otherwise known for its wide variety of food options.

For that same reason, however, it’s also been dragged for offering less-than-stellar renditions of classic theme park foods, like burgers and pizza. Basically, the only reason most of us head into the Electric Umbrella is for its free refills, the nostalgic bathroom design and background music loop, and the occasional cinnamon cronut.

The restaurant is set to close this winter for an extensive remodeling ahead of EPCOT’s new World Celebration neighborhood, and once it reopens, it will also feature pizza, according to the concept art for the upcoming revamped food and beverage space:

A futuristic world map will line the walls of this quick-service eatery, which apparently will have pizza on the menu.

That being said, it would make sense that they’d be testing out a new cheese flatbread at the restaurant.

The flatbreads here were usually rectangular in shape, featuring a base that was more like a bready cracker (you know, like the rectangular wraps you buy at the supermarket.) Now, it seems like they’ve switched up the recipe to feature a doughy, hand-tossed crust that’s oval in shape. The official dough switch took place about a week ago.

Cheese Flatbread – $10.45

Presenting the all-new flatbread cheese pizza at Electric Umbrella. A hand-shaped crust topped with “tomato sauce” and mozzarella. There are a few bubbles on the right edge where the toppings don’t quite fill in all of the available space, but on the other end you have sauce and cheese basically overcoming the crust.

Unfortunately, that’s where all the innovation ends, as this tastes like an Ellio’s Frozen Pizza. I honestly think it’s an improvement, but if you liked the old flatbreads (and I know some of you masochists did), you’ll be in for a disappointment.

Do I like Disney counter service flatbreads or pizzas? No. Do I like them now because of this new pizza? The answer is still no. Is this pizza better than the other ones I’ve had here? For sure.

Is it actually good, though? Depends who you are. It’s 2019, and in the day and age of Satu’li Canteen, why must we have flatbreads/pizzas that taste like they’re fresh out from the microwave? In its defense, the sauce on this flatbread isn’t heartburn-inducing, so at least it’s a step above Tony’s Town Square Restaurant.

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Ed Vaira
Ed Vaira
2 years ago

Tom, you are the master at “Damning with the FAINTEST of praise”! “Not Heartburn-Inducing” is a Classic!

2 years ago

And another chapter is written for the Electric Umbrella’s Back to Future episode.