PHOTOS: New Disney Parks Collection Jewelry Featuring Swarovski Crystals Arrives at Walt Disney World

A whole new world of Disney Parks Collection Jewelry featuring Swarovski crystals has arrived at MouseGear in EPCOT. Themed to Frozen snowflakes and a slew of Fantasyland favorites, you’ll definitely want to check out these giftable boxed jewelry sets. See the full line below!

Snowflake Necklace – $29.99

While there’s nothing here noting a specific character, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if these were meant to represent Elsa from Frozen. These items will go great for a trip to the movies… maybe next month?

Snowflake Earrings – $19.99

Snowflake Ring – $19.99

Snowflake Bracelet – $29.99

Cinderella Carriage Key Necklace – $29.99

(There’s no word if this carriage necklace becomes a pumpkin necklace after midnight.)

Fantasyland Earrings – $19.99

The Fantasyland items feature three icons of the realm: a horse from Prince Charming Regal Carrousel, the happy-faced clock from It’s a Small World, and Cinderella Castle.

Fanasyland Necklace – $19.99

Dumbo Necklace – $24.99

The Dumbo bracelet also comes with a charm featuring the letter “D.”


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