PHOTOS: New “Toy Story” Character Bus Wrap Takes Guests to Infinity and Beyond at Walt Disney World

The toys are back in town, the toys are back in town! There’s a new Sheriff (Woody) in town and he’s bringing all of his friends across the Walt Disney World resort! Today marks the debut of the newest character-themed bus to hit Disney property: the Toy Story bus!

toy story bus wdw 2 1

The bus features Buzz, Slinky, Bullseye, Woody, and Jessie all trailing behind against a backdrop of fluffy white clouds like the ones lining the walls in Andy’s room. We weren’t able to snag a photo, but speaking of Pixar, the Luxo ball makes a classic “Easter egg” appearance on the back of the bus.

toy story bus wdw 1 1

We may not be the biggest fans of Toy Story Land, but I’m personally a huge fan of how adorable these characters are designed on the bus wrap. The bright green at the front of the bus is a bit jarring, but I get that they wanted to keep with the Buzz Lightyear color palette.

Similar to the buses featuring the sensational six, these buses have new blue seats and laminate floors throughout. Some of the buses also have their very own free Wi-Fi networks, plus USB charging ports conveniently located between seats, so you can re-charge your devices and not miss a moment of capturing and sharing your Disney vacation memories.

You can check out even more photos of the recent Figment bus here, as well as the “Monsters, Inc.” bus here! Other additions to the Disney character buses include Dumbo as well as Rocket and Groot from “Guardians of the Galaxy”!