PHOTOS: New “Toy Story” Pizza Planet Shirt Ready for Pick-Up at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Pizza Planet might be long gone from Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but there is some new merchandise that might just help you reminisce. While visiting Hollywood Studios, we spotted this new “Toy Story” Pizza Planet shirt at Once Upon A Time on Sunset Boulevard, and it’s out of this world.

This shirt is $24.99 alone, or $22 when you buy two or more. This red shirt looks pretty comfortable, and has the Pizza Planet logo in the center. Pizza Planet has been getting a lot of love lately. There is a brand new Spirit Jersey, too, but this short sleeved shirt might be a little better for Florida.

This shirt looks like something an employee of Pizza Planet might wear. It says “Delivery Service Available” above the logo, and “Serving Your Local Star Cluster” beneath it.

We’re sure this new shirt will be showing up other places around the parks, but for now, you can find it at Hollywood Studios. Will you be adding this shirt to your closet?