REVIEW: Vegan “Totchos” from Woody’s Lunch Box are a Fun and Tasty Alternative at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Hey howdy hey! We were at Disney’s Hollywood Studios looking to russel up some grub, so we stopped by Woody’s Lunch Box (try to not get the WDWNT parody song stuck in your head now). We’ve been making our way around the parks trying many of the new plant-based alternatives, when we discovered two vegan options that aren’t on the menu here. Woody’s Lunch Box in Toy Story Land has a vegan grilled cheese and vegan “totchos”. I’m a fan of the regular totchos, so leaf it to me to try the plant-based ones.

The plant-based totchos are $8.99, which is the same price as the regular version. One interesting thing we discovered is that most of the chili around the park is vegan already. The potato barrels are loaded up with vegan chili, corn chips, vegan “cheese”, and scallions. There is no sour cream, and the cheese has been substituted for a vegan cheese, but otherwise this is very similar to the standard offering.

The vegan cheese just kind of sits and jiggles on top of everything. It’s not bad, but it didn’t do much other than give the appearance of cheese. Everything else was delicious and really isn’t that much different in taste from the regular version. The potato barrels were crispy, the chili was flavorful, and the corn chips gave the whole thing a nice crunch.

In addition to the vegan totchos, you can also order the plant-based grilled cheese. Udi’s Gluten Free bread and Daiya brand “cheese” are combined for another alternative to the menu at Woody’s Lunch Box.

We’re always excited when we find plant-based alternatives that actually taste good. This is a delicious vegan item, and one to add to your list. Even though it isn’t on the menu, these options are always available if you ask at the register. Enjoy!