PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 10/9/19 (Halloween Treats, Limited Edition Pins, Sleepy Ducks, and More!)

Good morning again from the Magic Kingdom! We must have arrived too early this morning, because some of the ducks were still sleeping!

Here are just some of the treats available on Main Street at the Confectionery.

We ran into Mary Poppins going for her morning stroll around the hub.

Here we go again with this line at Sleepy Hollow… Just open with the park already!

Some last-minute garden work. Magic Kingdom probably has some of the prettiest flowers and landscaping on all of Disney property!

Let’s check out what the best store in the park has to offer today!

Momento Mori was completely empty this morning… What’s going on today?

Not a lot of people who go into Memento Mori realize there is a painting of a living version of Madame Leota!

Speaking of Madame Leota, we came across this brand-new gift card for sale featuring Madame Leota herself! To get one of these, you need to load a minimum of $15 onto the card.

Let’s head into the Frontierland Trading Post to check out the latest limited edition pins!

This was everything that was released recently. Most limited edition pins retail for $17.99 each at the parks.

That boat sure is loud! However, despite all the noise it makes, this boat sure is beautiful!

It really was a beautiful morning, it was also very quiet over here by Splash and Big Thunder Mountain.

Oddly enough, both Splash and Big Thunder Mountain were closed at the same time due to technical difficulties.

Looks like the water was not even turned on, which usually means it will be an extended delay in reopening this attraction.

Back out into the castle hub, we discovered at the drink cart to the left of the castle was now selling the Jack sipper cup. This cup was supposed to be a Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party exclusive item! It retails for $17.00 and includes a fountain beverage.

At this point in the day it was around 11 AM, and the largest crowd of people was located in front of the castle for the stage show.

Okay, that new sign for tomorrow land is just so plain and boring. In my opinion, this was one of the things Disney should have just let be.

There was a very long line for the Launching Pad, unusual for this early in the day!

There wasn’t much else going on today at the Magic Kingdom… just another average day at the park! Stay tuned to WDWNT for more updates!

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1 year ago

The new Tommorowland sign is a little boring, but the sleek, white design makes it feel more “futuristic” in terms of how we see the design of the future today (if that made any sense). And I feel it blends in better with Main Street. As much as I love my steampunk theming, the sign fits in better.