REVIEW: French Toast Bounty Platter, Gourmet S’mores Cookie, and New Vegan Chipotle Seitan Scramble at Landscape of Flavors, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

We’re back at the ever-evolving Landscape of Flavors at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort to bring you a varied breakfast review. We’ve got something for everyone. From vegan scrambles, to classic value resort bounty platters, to a gourmet cookie (for those of us who consider pastries the perfect  everyday  vacation breakfast.) At the end of this review, though, we have some opinions on the recent menu changes that have come to the fan-favorite food court, so read on to find out.

Chipotle Seitan and Vegetable Saute – $8.59

So I love to regale people on how seitan is a.) pronounced, and b.) made. It’s pronounced say-tahn (yes, just like that) and it’s basically just pure wheat gluten that’s been seasoned, kneaded into a desired consistency, and then baked, stir-fried, boiled, or in this case, sauteed. It’s packed with protein, but of course, definitely not suitable for those who avoid gluten. If you ever wanted to make seitan at home, all you’d basically need was flour and spices. Of course, here it’s presented with much more than that and served with tofu, red peppers, onions, and edamame in a savory sauce.

The meat eaters in our group likened this to the worst-made Mongolian beef dish they’ve ever had at a Chinese restaurant. That being said though, this was perfectly tasty for a non-meat eater, with a nice heat coming from the jalapeños. There’s that weird chewy texture that always comes out in seitan, but that’s also strangely what makes it analogous to meat. This dish is available all-day at most value resorts now, and if you’re lucky, they might even make it fresh from the wok for you. This’d make a great breakfast if you’re into savory foods first thing in the morning, or a decent lunch or dinner.

French Toast Bounty Platter – $11.29

Now onto a value resort staple: the Bounty Platter. Landscape is fun in that they offer a variety of twists on the traditional bounty platter. You can choose between waffles, pancakes, and French toast as the main component of your platter, and for reasons you might be able to see, the French toast is definitely one of the better options.

Bounty Platters used to be available only until noon, but now they’re actually available all-day, as it seems the resort’s caught on to the all-day breakfast trend. (Over at Pop Century, you have all-day Plant-Based Mickey Waffles as well!) Now, this here is the best Bounty Platter on property, both in size and quality. The cheesy potatoes are really good and dense, and the French toast is thick with syrup and perfectly cooked. Even the eggs are cooked well, which isn’t a common thing around value resorts, where rehydrated eggs prevail. At Landscape of Flavors, you get real eggs (or closer to real eggs) and they’re usually never undercooked here. They’re just right.

Gourmet S’mores Cookie – $5.69

The Gourmet S’mores Cookie is like your usual counter service chocolate chip cookie, but exceedingly better, and bigger.

There’s actual melted marshmallow on top, and we’re not talking fake marshmallow fluff. It’s caramelized and topped with cookie crumbles and a dark chocolate drizzle, elevating the lowly bakery case cookie to something really good and different. It’s heavy and shareable, too, so if you have kids, they’ll love trying this. (Just keep in mind that like a real s’more, it’s going to be messy.) It’s worth mentioning that while Landscape of Flavors has scaled back their offerings drastically (more on that later), it’s nice that they’re getting away from the typical brownies and food coloring-laden cupcakes, and trying something new.

And now for some reflecting on the current state of Landscape of Flavors. We obviously love this place, but although the resort opened with an innovative, “elevated-food court” vibe, it’s since taken a dive. The menus have been severely dumbed down, with the majority of the offerings looking unappetizing or generic. They got rid of the build your own burgers, plus most of the tandoori offerings, and while the seitan scramble is a nod to their innovative roots, the plastic napkin boxes on the tables say otherwise. We wouldn’t be surprised if the resort transitioned to plastic cutlery and paper plates like the rest of the values, but we’d sure be disappointed.

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1 year ago

I had the French toast meal when we visited recently and it was absolutely delicious. The potatoes were fantastic! I also had the Smores cookie for dessert one evening. It’s definitely good for more than one person! And way, way too sweet. It would’ve been better if I’d gotten a jug of milk to go with it!