PHOTOS: Construction Takes Shape on Upcoming Club 33 Harambe House Location in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

It’s been a minute since we swung on over on a vine leaf and checked out the upcoming Harambe House. The latest Club 33 location is set to complete the Walt Disney World lineup for the exclusive, members-only club, and it’s fascinating to see it take shape, as it’s one of the few locations that hasn’t been retrofitted into an existing space. No, Harambe House deserves its very own, brand-new, standalone space… and it’s turning out to be a real Taj Majal.

Looking across Harambe Village, you can see how Harambe House blends into the rest of the sight lines, which is great in this day and age of giant, unapologetic eyesores like the Guardians of the Galaxy building.

There’s a pyramid-shaped thatch roof off to one side, plus the main building off to the side.

Let’s walk in closer and get some details on the building.

The rectangular main building features small columns lining the edges, much like other buildings throughout Harambe Village and Animal Kingdom as a whole.

There’s still scaffolding up as work continues on brick work and siding. In the middle of this side, there’s a set of columns in the middle which haven’t been finished… it could be an example of intentional imperfections to fit in with the “lived-in”, rural feel of the rest of the park.

Over on the front, you can see some of the outlines for the windows, which feature curved, lotus petal-like designs.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of window treatments are used here, like stained glass or different colored panels.

Off to the left side, we see the second component of Harambe House. This building features a pyramid-shaped thatch roof to blend in with the rest of the buildings (as seen in the sight line photos above.)

Disney is intending to have the Club 33 location at Disney’s Animal Kingdom open by year’s end.

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Tom S
Tom S
1 year ago

At least its out of the way and a new piece of construction

Tom Corefull
Tom Corefull
1 year ago

If only they could make this so that if it didnt be how it be, the strollers could hit the ankles of people on international main streets

1 year ago

FYI, The term for that roof style is ‘crenellated roof’ or ‘crenellation.’